How dark is your soul, according to the zodiac sign?

Do you have a black soul Or are you pure like an angel? Think back to all the good, bad things you’ve ever done. What bad thoughts have you ever had? 

This question is probably not so easy to answer. In this post, you can find out how dark your soul really is according to your zodiac sign. Because your zodiac sign doesn’t just have talents and positive aspects. This also includes the dark sides. Some zodiac signs have much darker sides than others.

You should not only be aware of the strengths and positive sides of your zodiac sign but also deal with the more unpleasant properties of your zodiac sign. This is the only way to get a deep insight into your true self.

How much darkness is really in your soul? Find out!


Your soul is not in the least dark. On the contrary, you are almost the exact opposite of the dark. But if you included some darkness, it would be the exciting kind of darkness. For example, you would go skydiving and do exciting things instead of watching horror movies.


Your soul is actually pretty dark. However, you are very discreet about this site. You really don’t give anyone the opportunity to see this darkness, as you usually keep all the bad things that are going on inside you. When someone sees your darkness, it’s usually due to your possessive nature towards those who are important to you. In such moments, it is difficult for you to hide these properties.


As a twin, you’re somewhere in the middle, or maybe you’re standing a little more on the dark side with one foot. You always sway to the lighter and then to the darker side. Although your soul is usually not completely dark, you can go to the dark area if necessary and show your dark side.


Your feelings are so deep that they are represented by the color blue. Because of the same depth, this shade of blue may appear black more than any shade of gray. However, this does not mean that you have a dark soul, but that you are extremely filled with the emotions of sensitivity and uncertainty.


As we all know, the lion is a born leader and the idol of many people. However, this is not because he manipulates followers to follow him through the dark. Because his soul is not dark at all. A lion is a delicate and caring sign that leaves no room for darkness and is more oriented towards the bright and optimistic things in life. 


There is simply not enough time for the virgin to be dark because she is as busy as no other zodiac sign. In addition, like a virgin you need things that work in a certain way, and that is far from dark. Virgins tend more towards the light and draw their strength from the positive.


The soul of a Libra is black and white. On the one hand, scales can sit and pout in the miserable pits of despair, and on the other hand, they are the epitome of light and happiness because they are often full of hope and work with confidence towards their goals until they have been achieved.


Dear Scorpio, your soul is very dark. Despite your harmless appearance, there is a blackness under this mask that is so pure that the light has no chance of getting into your soul. This is why you seem to be so attractive to other people. Some just like to play with fire and are drawn to dangerous things.


Although you have the option of changing your look like a chameleon, you would rather not choose the dark, dear Sagittarius. Of course, this depends heavily on the people around you and those close to you. But black just doesn’t suit you. You care too much about others. 


Your soul may be dark, but it’s not the kind of darkness that scares others. In fact, your darkness comes from deep wisdom and somehow it makes you interesting. People love to listen to you and want to learn from you. You could never have bad intentions, dear Capricorn. You’re too good-natured for that.


Because of your eccentric personality, you are actually driving the darkness out of your surroundings. Because of this, your soul is not dark at all. You usually strive to enjoy everything that life can offer you. This attitude keeps you on the brighter side of the spectrum, dear Aquarius.


If any character could have the perfect shade of gray, it would definitely be the fish. Your mood can fluctuate between the two polarities, and even the slightest trigger from your surroundings can become the factor that tilts the scale and changes everything, dear fish. That’s why you never know when the barrel really overflows.


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