How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Friends

How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Friends

Mercury retrograde in full action is more dangerous than a child in a space full of candy and we know it. Mercury is the ruling planet of communication and if it goes backward, it does not leave very good news in the environment in relation to conversations with our family and friends. In other words? Misunderstandings are just around the corner, so if you want to know how Mercury retrograde will affect your friendships, stay tuned and read on:


You may feel like you’re a bit cut off from your group of friends. Most of them have a very structured life and suddenly you are not very clear about what you want. Things can get a little tense, there is a lack of communication and that will not help everything flow better. Aries, instead of reacting impulsively when something bothers you, try to lean on friends who are. He acts smart, even if it costs you a win. You have to trust those friends who have shown their loyalty to you because when Mercury retrograde ends, those people will still be there and you have to really take care of them.


In your case, Mercury retrograde is affecting friendships in the world of work. There are messages that are not clear, calls that never come, or challenges that are not being met on time. Chaos and disorder greatly destabilize your peace of mind, but Taurus is what it is and you have to work hard to find stability. You have to focus your attention on your work and fight to the maximum for all the things that can be solved. Don’t worry so much about getting everyone’s approval, trust your Taurus judgment. During this time it is important that misunderstandings do not cause major disputes. If things can be fixed with a good conversation, go ahead Taurus, try to move forward instead of holding a grudge.


Deep down you feel that you have stagnated with some very important people in your life. There are friends you don’t understand and it hurts you to be like that, you don’t like to feel that you are in a different connection than your people. Your friends are one of the most important pillars of your life, that’s why it hurts so much when things don’t go well. You are a very enthusiastic person and the lack of emotion and positive energy of your people bothers you quite a bit. It makes you very lazy to be there behind everyone because if you don’t do it, it seems that nobody else does. You may need to reconnect with your friends, reboot what you have, and talk about everything that’s happened. Communication is key.


You feel that things are changing and you are not wrong. It is better that you do not start to imagine things that can happen, because you can get messed off before your time, and for what? It’s no use, Cancer, there are times when it’s better to let everything flow, even if the ending is not the one you like the most. In friendship, you have honors, because there is no one like you. You love bonding with your people and you like to do things to make the friendship last. You seek to connect in a special way with your people because you love unique and special connections. For you, your friends are your family, you have it clear, so please, let the misunderstandings find their end by themselves and don’t get involved in things that will only make you doubt and feel bad…


Do you feel used by someone in your group of friends? Don’t get into drama, Leo, before calling for the chaos you are going to do one thing: investigate. That’s right, Mercury retrograde is going to fill the atmosphere with tension and it is preferable to act with a lot of head during these days. Test those friends who are in doubt and do it with knowledge. It is better that you talk to the person who does not give you confidence, Leo, remember that it is better to solve things in time. It is not recommended that you stay with the grudge inside, because that will come out at some point or another and it will be worse for your emotional well-being. Talk about the things you have to talk about, with peace and calm and with the education that characterizes you.


If you feel that EVERYTHING bothers you without knowing very well why to speak up. If you really notice that everything is against you or that you feel out of place, say it Virgo, and do it out loud. You have to do yourself a favor, you have to make peace with yourself so that you can be on good terms with others. You do not like the changes that have arisen in your friendships lately, but it is what is in Virgo, you have to accept that life can change and that everything goes on. You should worry more about the quality of those friendships and remember that NOT everyone can give what you give in friendship. Focus and think about the plans that make you feel good or the things that give you peace of mind and happiness. Go all out, Virgo…


Your head is full of doubts, thoughts, ideas, things and my goodness Libra, either you organize that little head of yours, or you’re going to end up like a real cage of crickets. Mercury retrograde is greatly affecting communication, of course, it could not be otherwise. You don’t say what you really feel and that’s not good for you, Libra. You have every right to shut up and not say a word, but for someone like you, that’s the worst. It may be more difficult than usual, but you have to make an effort to TALK and let go of all that worries you. You can’t be in airplane mode for a long time, Libra, if you have the most trusted people by your side, you know: TALK.


Friends are the family you choose, for you they are a very important part of your life. Mercury retrograde can sow a bit of chaos in the world of communication, you will notice that the atmosphere is very tense. Be careful not to take things to heart that you are not going to like, remember that we are not all the same and that there are different ways of seeing life. Scorpio eye, if you have a somewhat worn friendship relationship, it is important that you do something before it disappears completely. Stay and fight for what is really worth it, what no longer matters has to be left behind. And act with a very cold mind, Scorpio, it is difficult for you but NOT impossible.


It is highly recommended that you think very carefully about what you are going to say, misunderstandings are going to be quite abundant for a few days. As a friend, you are the best and there is nothing more to add Sagittarius. You work hard to make your people feel good. You get very involved to make plans, to make your friends laugh when they have a hard time. You are for EVERYTHING, seriously, you know how to be and support your people better than anyone and lately, you feel that they do not do the same with you. You are a little disappointed in this detail and you know it. That is why it is better that you speak before everything cools down, but please, think very well about what you want to say and the way in which you want to convey it.


You are going to reflect a lot on the quality of the friendships that you have right now in your life. Lately, you have put more effort into maintaining quality than quantity and that is very good. You are going to find yourself with a great challenge, Capricorn: you are going to notice something strange on the part of someone in your group of friends. You are going to intuit things and possibly you will not be far from the truth, but instead of assuming, ask. Try to get the truth out of that person, you may need to talk more than you imagine. While you reflect and try to think about what could happen to him, open your eyes wide and pay attention to all the details. That friendship needs your help Capricorn, you can do a lot of good and you know it.


Sometimes you feel like you are in another dimension. You feel that there is a lot of distance between some friends that you care about a lot and you should not be said about those things. Aquarius, conflicts can have a solution, you have always thought that way, but for everything to be good you have to act ahead, with logic and from a realistic point of view. It’s okay to focus on your friendships and the changes they’ve had, but you’d be much better off focusing on your needs first. Leave the rest for later, to be good with your people you have to be good with yourself. You have to reconnect with your spiritual self, re-know what your identity is and all that stuff.


Don’t go along with people who haven’t bothered to play along with you even once. Do not feel sorry Pisces, you have to remember what you are worth. Your friendships should be put to the test. Why? very simple: you deserve more quality and you could also use it very well to reconnect with your most spiritual self. It is possible that you feel that your people do not know very well what is happening to you. And yes, it may be true, you don’t talk much about your problems when you don’t feel like it, but damn, it would be nice if your friends were more by your side. And not only physically, but in a thousand different ways, as you do. They could be with you with a simple message to know if you’re okay or a video call to do nothing…


How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Friends

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