Unfortunately, Aries is known as the least faithful of all the signs of the zodiac.
Aries is always looking for new adventures, new challenges, and sometimes it means a new partner. They are charismatic, innovative, friendly and selfish.
Their needs are top priority and the person to whom they are most dedicated is themselves.


Everyone knows that the Bulls are stubborn, but that can be a good thing.
They will not abandon a relationship, even when their friends and families suggest it.


Gemini is great at a party because they love to talk and are engaging.
Unfortunately, while Gemini can be charming, they can also be flaky and unfaithful. Since there are two sides to their personality, they can be completely loyal and trustworthy one minute, and tell secrets the other.


When you want a loyal friend or a significant other, cancer is a great choice.
They are intuitive and insightful and take their time with their feelings, so when they engage, they do it 100%. Naturally, they don’t handle betrayal well, so if you’re involved with them, try to match their loyalty level.


Lions are very generous, loving and creative people.
They are loyal when it suits them, but since they can be very self-absorbed, they would never blindly follow anyone. They are leaders, not followers.


Virgins take almost everything (including themselves) very seriously.
They are usually grounded and loyal unless they think their partner is not giving them the right kind of positive attention. If this happens, they will turn their hypercritical attention to their partner and actively start looking for someone new.


In some ways, Libra is one of the most loyal zodiac signs, at least as far as their friends are concerned.
They will stand next to their friend across thick or thin. Once you have a Libra friend, you have them for life.
However, Libra has and may respond to impulse control problems. Libra are known to trick their partners, but the fact that they hate conflict and confrontation usually keeps them online.


Scorpions are driven by passion and can be loyal at times but at times great cheaters.
They can be possessive and jealous and demand the loyalty of others. But it depends on how they feel at the time.


Sagittarians can be desperately in love and fully engaged for one minute, and lose interest and focus on someone new the next.
They go from one extreme to the other and are not considered to be the most faithful or the most faithful of the signs of the zodiac.


Capricorns are extremely loyal!
If there is a problem that threatens to shake up their resolution, they will work on it until everything is resolved – and that includes relationships.


Aquarians are great humanitarians and love to defend a cause.
They are very loyal at the time but can get distracted easily and hold on to something new.
They hate liars and cheaters, and they don’t want to do anything ethical; they’re just caught in the moment.


Pisces have a vivid imagination and are deeply emotional.
They can be a devoted lover and friend, or they can have a whole bunch of people they sleep with. Pisces are loyal and faithful when they are not lost in their own creativity.



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