How Long Does It Take For Signs To Raise The Head After A Breakup

There are sighs that hit your soul, the kind that no matter how hard you try to hold on to the air, it is not enough. Of those who appear when it is time to let go of a love, they say that it will heal, that sooner or later the joy will return to your heart. But few talk about the process, how long does it take for signs to raise their heads after a romantic breakup? I know you feel hurt, angry, sad, betrayed. I know it is not easy and that you would like to return, but trust, please trust …

1.- Aries

Aries, I know that time is ticking, that you hear a tick, as if you are falling behind. You love from the depths of your being, but it is difficult for you to face the duel, how do you do to process the anguish? Saying goodbye to that person who shared your risks, your will to live and who took you by the hand in the worst spells, is very painful. You prefer to keep busy, with one and another activity that clouds your thinking. You don’t give yourself time to cry and that can make your heart feel worse afterward. You are one of those who cry for a few days and then pretend nothing happened, okay, but also let your emotions flow, don’t keep anything to yourself.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is a sign that does not understand reasons when he falls in love, feelings make him forget everything and he likes to build strong relationships, the kind that make his inveterate romantic take control. Taurus opens up so much mentally and emotionally that when it’s time to say goodbye, he leaves with dignity, but he has a hard time getting over it. It may take up to three years for that wound to finally heal. Taurus does not need to jump from love to love, he simply wants to close the cycle to start again and it is not that he is not strong, on the contrary, he is so strong that he has the courage to face the break without someone else.

3.- Gemini

Time heals everything … for Geminis that doesn’t make much sense. And it is that it is the sign that lives today, it does not want to plan an uncertain future, it can fall apart at the time of the break, it depends on how long the relationship has been and also what they came to share. Geminis do not show their vulnerable side to all their partners, the special ones cost them much more work. The same says goodbye in a week as in a couple of months, depending on the love he has given you . You may not make sense of anything at first, but in the end it is an independent sign, you simply have to let it flow and allow life to put each piece in its place.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the sign that pretends nothing is wrong, the one that pretends that everything is fine, but its gaze screams desperate sadness. She is the one who prefers to cry silently after a love affair, because she really falls apart, no matter who of the two decided to put an end to it, she is too emotional to deal with breakups. Cancer can take up to five years to return to relationships, you can not trust again so quickly. You really need to embrace the grief, to feel that there is nothing left, that this person is no longer part of your thoughts, your sighs, your dreams. Cancer can live with heartbreak for a long time, but it will not stop doing what it likes.

5.- Leo

Leo is the proud of the zodiac, who finds it difficult to accept that tears run down his face and that that feeling of emptiness in his chest does not allow him to breathe as usual. Leo is a confident sign of himself, but when his heart is broken, it is as if he becomes a totally different person. A break for Leo is to realize that he invested too much in a person who was not worth it, because at the moment he does not realize that it was the best and that life still has surprises for him. The good news is that it is so strong, that you can decide that you will not cry anymore overnight, it tears the page without a trace.

6.- Virgo

Virgo falls in love with desire, as if there really is no possibility that everything will end. He bets on love, although he is not the most romantic in the zodiac, he does believe in happy endings. However, when the breakup is present, he simply does not have time for a flood of tears, he gives himself a month and point. Virgo has very high expectations, he is such a planner that he is able to make a strategy to get that person out of his mind and heart. He focuses on his priorities, he prefers to get involved in a lot of responsibilities than to suffer. Virgo is the one who decides to say goodbye without suffering, for what?

7.- Libra

Such a romantic sign, so deep, so emotional. Go that sounds complicated to imagine the way in which Libra says goodbye to a love and, it is that when it relates it does so without a single filter, it is the one who shares fears, joys, hopes, it is the one who is not afraid to love unconditionally. So when the breakup time comes, it can take a lot of work, you need support and your friends become the most beautiful refuge. He stays with people who are not afraid to see him cry, who are capable of watching over his dreams and who remind him that he is a beautiful being, who deserves much more than to suffer for weeks the farewell of a love.

8.- Scorpio

Healing the heart of a Scorpio is complicated. It is the sign that adds intensity to each kiss, each hug, caress, it is the one who remembers everything. Scorpio is an expert at investigating the past and when he relives it, everything costs him too much. She is one of those who cries out loud for a week, the time it takes to wear her pajamas, eat everything that comes her way, and then turn the page. Scorpio is accompanied by friends in the duel and when his reckless side appears, he is capable of even throwing that person’s things out the window. You don’t play games when you have to get someone’s heart out.

9.- Sagittarius

Did someone say breakup? Please, Sagittarius is the sign that does not have time to get hooked on unfinished love affairs. In fact, he usually has a hard time dealing with commitment and any other kind of ties. That does not mean that they walk as if they have no feelings, simply that they do not want to let life go through something that is not worth it. Yes, Sagittarius is going to take a couple of hours until he is unrecognizable from crying so much, but then he will analyze the situation and understand that no one has to be forced to be with another person, that’s when he understands that the heart breaks, but there is nothing left but to lift the pieces with guts.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is such a noble and supportive type of partner, that he always puts himself after the person he loves. He is the one who gives everything, dreams of something real, of those stable loves that become your best company. That is the reason why they are so selective and do not allow just anyone to enter their heart. However, when the break is present, it takes him a couple of months to get back to normal , because he needs to analyze everything in detail and finally let go. It is the sign that wants until the last answer to feel at peace. Capricorn takes refuge in those he loves most during the process.

11.- Aquarius

Do not be fooled by appearances, although many think that Aquarius is the cold of the zodiac, he is one of the people who have a hard time saying goodbye when the relationship no longer works. The reason is very simple, he does not let anyone know his weaknesses and when he finds someone and leaves he can sink into depression. It takes more than a couple of days, sometimes up to a year. Aquarius may flirt again, but he’s not going to let anyone into his deepest emotions for a long time. Just because you don’t see him cry, it doesn’t mean he’s not grieving hard.

12.- Pisces

Pisces is the sign that prefers a thousand times to stay with its loneliness, rather than going in search of someone else, to say goodbye to a love. It really is difficult for him to overcome a breakup, because he is very dedicated, once he trusts he shows his most tender, loving and intense side. Pisces may take goodbye seriously, but inside her heart is pounding , it can take years for her to trust someone else again. During that time he becomes more reserved, he does not want anyone to know his weaknesses, he does not want to give a new love the strength to sink him overnight. Pisces is too good for all the evil in this world.


How Long Does It Take For Signs To Raise The Head After A Breakup

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