How Likely Is Someone To Handle You

How Likely Is Someone To Handle You

Sometimes, we believe that falling into the networks of manipulation is synonymous with weakness, but… it is not your fault that in the world there are people full of malice willing to do anything to meet their expectations. Goodness is needed, you are not the naive one, it is the one next door who is so hurt that he believes that by damaging his pain he will diminish. In these times, being a good person seems the exception and that disappoints. How likely is someone to manipulate you? We start the ranking with the most confident people:

1.- Gemini 

Gemini has a reputation for being a dark soul, but the truth is that those are comments from people who have not taken the time to genuinely know him. It is a very intelligent sign, but it has such great goodness that many times it ends up giving its heart to the wrong person. That’s when your emotions go over the top of your mind and end up hurting you.

2.- Cancer

Cancer is who loves without looking at who, has the gift of putting himself in people’s shoes and will do whatever is in his power to help. Your soul is protective, understanding, and loving. Cancer always gives, regardless of whether it no longer has enough. He is the type of person who takes the bread out of his mouth to help another. However, there are those who only go through their days to abuse his goodness.

3.- Virgo 

Without a doubt, Virgo is someone who secretes intelligence in each of his steps. He is not the one who gets carried away by the emotional part, but behind so much caution also hides a noble soul and that is when people come to their days to take advantage of what is in their hearts. Because they know that, even if it is very serious, it will not stop helping those it loves and that is when they are cruel.

4.- Scorpio  

Behind an apparent dark soul hides a heart full of affection, sensitivity and charm. Scorpios have a temperamental side, the one that lets their intuition guide them and is always attentive to what is going on around them. However, even though he is an expert at detecting the bad vibes, there are those who dress up perfectly and come into his life just to absorb all the good that they give.

5.- Aquarius 

Aquarius can seem distant, the sign that is always immersed in its world and forgets everyone. However, their way of helping is different, they are not one of those who have to shout from the rooftops what they support others. They are there when they need them, it is incredible the way in which they leave everything to give attention to those who win their hearts, but there are those who only come for convenience.

6.- Capricorn 

Right in the middle of the list, let’s say that Capricorn is very smart when it comes to having someone want to see their face, but there are certain parts of their personality that can cause them to end up in the wrong arms. He is the one who fills you with strength, who reminds you of each of your abilities and hides a great heart behind so much logic. The bad thing is that there are those who do not deserve so much loyalty and betray him behind his back.

7.- Libra 

Naive, strong and sweet. Without a doubt, Libra is one of the most comforting personalities life can present to you. Being by her side is synonymous with love, understanding and a lot of emotional support. The bad thing is that there are those who use it as a trash can, to unload all their problems and in some way seek to make Libra take responsibility for them. Read well, it is not your obligation no matter how much you love them.

8.- Taurus 

Taurus is synonymous with sophistication, sincerity and loyalty. It is a sign that hardly shows your face, because it is too meticulous and follows your steps without you noticing. He is selective, his friendship is not for everyone and that is when they think twice before assigning him situations that do not correspond to him. Do not try to test the cunning of Taurus because he is always ready for any threat.

9.- Pisces 

Perhaps there are those who think that Pisces is easily manipulated, because his heart is synonymous with pure love. It is such a noble sign that it accompanies you during your pain. A transparent soul, but too smart for anyone to manipulate it. Pisces prefers to be conservative before giving his heart to everyone who knocks on his door. You are not going to make fun of him, he will teach you how to do it.

10.- Leo 

Leo is the one who may seem naive, but he doesn’t know a bit what that means. It is such a clever sign that while it has a lot of activities to do, it also analyzes everything in its path. Do not try to manipulate him, he is too proud and a bit arrogant when someone tries to tell him what to do with his life. It’s hard enough to deal with your own demands.

11.- Aries 

Aries is a sign that has fire in every pore, do you want to try to see his face? Good luck with that, because you are not going to make it. Let’s say that when you just go, he already did about four laps. He is extremely intelligent, brave and risky. The type of person who puts his heart into everything he does, but is also capable of letting go overnight. He does not hook up with toxic people.

12.- Sagittarius 

And the sign that you are not going to manipulate is nothing less than Sagittarius. It doesn’t have a hint of naivety, on the contrary, it can detect for miles when people are just approaching for convenience. His spirit is free, he is not interested in meeting anyone’s expectations and if you try to give him orders, the only thing you will receive is a farewell pass, because he will no longer want you in his life.


How Likely Is Someone To Handle You

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