How Kisses Like Every Sign Of The Zodiac

Who doesn’t like to be kissed? Kisses are very important in romantic relationships, but the most important of all is that each person wants to be kissed in a different way. The good thing about being different is that there are tastes for all colors, so if you really like someone and you know what their zodiac sign is, read on and you will discover everything they have to do to give that person the perfect kiss. Also, you may have doubts about how you like to be kissed, so take note and clear all your doubts.



For Aries to consider that a kiss is good, there must be some adventure in between. The worst thing a person with Aries can do is be bored. He/she needs to be constantly experiencing new things, he loves to be kissed in a deep and playful way, if you want to conquer him, all you have to do is kiss him by the neck and then pass to the mouth. Keep things fun and interesting because otherwise Aries will get bored very soon …


Although it may not seem like it to the naked eye, Taurus is a very sensual person. He is a person who loves physical pleasure, loves to feel that people can connect not only spiritually but physically. If you want to surprise Taurus, stimulate all your senses with every kiss you give. He is a person who likes to have control and in the kisses, he will not be less, if you really want to please him, all you have to do is let yourself go, let him do what he wants and you will have a long way won…


Gemini all he asks is that with each kiss you give him, you will be surprised. He doesn’t care if you’re skilled or not, basically because if you’re not, he/she will end up teaching you. All you have to do is surprise him day after day, catch him off guard and surprise him every time you get close to his lips. He loves to get his hands on his face because he feels that he is so much closer to you. Gemini is one of those people who can kiss you in the most sensitive way, but they can also kiss you and that’s what they want them to do with him/her.


Cancer likes to be kissed in the most romantic way possible, he doesn’t like anything about going to the bag, he/she prefers to go without haste, but without pauses. He is a person who prefers a kiss from those who leave you with his mouth open, those who have been waiting so long that they are indescribable. If you want to conquer Cancer, what you have to do is be patient and not want to eat kisses ahead of time. To give the first kiss the best thing you can do is prepare a romantic dinner with aromatic candles and background music, if you know how to do it well, be sure that the kiss will be perfect.


Leo does not care if you give the best kisses in the world, he/she knows that you can not be good at everything and otherwise will teach you to be. What Leo loves is that with each kiss you give him, congratulations on how well he does it. You need to feel a star, so if you really want Leo to consider that what you have given yourself has been a good kiss and not the worst kiss of your life you have to praise him and say beautiful things. Do not try to be the protagonist of the moment because at that time the protagonist is he/she.


What Virgo is looking for in a kiss is experience, he needs that everyone who is worthy of touching his lips has a minimum of experience in the sector. It is not that he/she is the best on the subject, but he needs that everything he does in his life brings him the knowledge and in kisses, he will not be less. If you really want to meet the needs of Virgo, you better practice before. He loves that the kisses are full of sincerity, so, if you are not completely sure, do not kiss him, he prefers that you wait a bit to clarify your feelings to do something you do not want to do.


Libra is a social being by nature, so, for him/her the perfect kisses are full of communication. To conquer Transmitting Libra all that matters to you when you kiss him, use your hands to gently caress him and show him that you really love him, that it is no lie. You need to feel taken care of by the person to whom you are giving all your privacy. Too much, a kiss may seem like a small thing, but for Libra, it is a great step. He is a sweet person, but passionate and so they have to be the kisses he deserves. Libra needs to know everything you feel through kisses, so open your heart and give it all up.


Kissing Scorpio is like stripping with him/her, it is something very intense, passionate and above all, fun. He is a very hot person and has a lot of experience in everything that has to do with love. It is very important for him/her to be able to take the initiative, so don’t ever steal a kiss because he will only give it to you if he really feels it. He loves to show everything he knows, so let him do what he wants and don’t hit him. He is very happy when he finds someone with whom he has a special connection, do not miss the opportunity to experience Scorpio kisses …


Sagittarius loves kisses where he can play and be himself/herself without any worries. If you really want to surprise and conquer Sagi, don’t be monotonous and do the same thing over and over again. Try to explore his whole body, kiss in a different way every time you have to do it, pause between socks and look into his eyes, he loves to see how the other person cares to see how he is. He loves kisses full of jokes in between if you are a serious and boring person you have nothing to do with Sagittarius.


Capricorn wants kisses that break all his schemes, he needs to get out of his comfort zone. It is rare if, but Capri, seeks that each kiss they give him is unpredictable. Of course, however unpredictable, things have to be perfect. That kiss should occur after dinner or at the exit of the cinema, well dressed, nothing to go in a tracksuit and neat. Do not give off too much passion from the beginning because that can scare you, in short, if you really want to conquer Capricorn you just have to do one thing, give it a full-blown conventional kiss and then you go into action to surprise him.


For Aquarius, kisses must always be passionate, but not emotionally. They have to wake him up with other kinds of feelings … He knows that kisses are just that, kisses and he needs you to give them pleasure. Aquarius believes that to connect emotionally there has to be more than just a kiss. Do not try to go further and simply focus on raising interest in him/her. Do not overwhelm him too much and let things flow, do not grab his face with his hands because that can make him feel trapped. Aquarius is like that and who does not like to go with his kisses elsewhere …


Pisces is a person who values ​​people who take things seriously, especially when they are things related to love or some kind of emotional bond. For him/her, the kisses have to be as romantic as possible, it may be that in this sense Pisces is a bit old, but it is what it is. Do not go too fast and let him take his time, then once the first contact has taken place to take control of the situation and take Pisces to that fantasy world that he likes so much.

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