When we love, we become vulnerable and do for this very special person what we would not do for anyone else. And, as they say, love is a very powerful weapon. However, the fact of loving a person so much and knowing that we would have a terrible time if the relationship ended, instills in us a feeling of concern. And, in the worst case, it brings out this jealous part that resides within us. There are people who know how to be calm and master this part of them by making a good analysis of the situation. They are people who believe in themselves and with good self-esteem. However, there are other profiles with lower self-esteem who find it very difficult to manage their emotions and, therefore, their jealousy. We know that jealousy is not positive, because it generates anxiety and complicated situations. Thus, how jealous you are according to your sign and what you could do to improve this part of you.


The natives of Aries are the most jealous people and, the bad thing is that they do not know how to hide it. They act by inertia and when they feel jealous, they show it without further ado. The problem is that Aries, when they love, do so with an intensity that we rarely see in other signs. But, their reactions are also the most intense. As an Aries, you should know that your partner is with you because they want to be, not because no one is forcing them to. This is a concept that you must internalize. It will help you control this part of you and enjoy the relationship more.


Taurus natives are also very jealous and possessive people. They love to know where their partner is and what they are doing at all times. Therefore, they appear as heavy in relationships. Tauruses must learn to control this part of themselves more and learn to trust their partner. The best thing about you is that you can also be very affectionate, just to show your partner that you are the right person for her. Making the most of this affectionate personality will improve your relationship without the need to feel jealous.


Gemini natives are not very jealous people. You are very independent and you like to see the same quality in your partner. What happens is that you are usually the unfaithful part of the couple and this leads you to think that the other person can also be. Far from worsening your relationship, this understanding and the freedom that you offer in the relationship, make them last longer.


It can be said that Cancer, along with Aries, are the most jealous signs of the Zodiac. The natives of Cancer you spend a little when it comes to your relationship with your partner. You can get to tell your partner what they should wear, what they can and cannot do, and even who they can go out with. This attitude makes you have a terrible time in life and this is not the way to enjoy a love relationship. The best thing you can do is a good job of self-esteem, because jealousy is a reflection of it. If you learn to see the value you have and everything you can contribute, it will be easier for you to understand that the other person values ​​you for it. And, in this way, jealousy will be meaningless.


Leos are very little jealous people, but very independent. You do not conceive a relationship in which you can lose your independence and you do not want it for your partners either. The fact that someone wants to control them overwhelms you a lot and, therefore, you are quite selective when starting a relationship. In addition, you are people who give a lot of confidence and you also like to trust your partner. Maintaining individuality in relationships means that you always have the healthiest relationships.


Virgos are jealous people, but not to the extreme. If they feel jealous it is because their partners give them reasons to do so. And, the best thing about Virgo, is that he trusts his instinct. And this one doesn’t fail. They are able to see these little behavioral changes in their partners that can indicate infidelity and this is where they get jealous. However, if there are no these signs in the relationship, Virgo natives know how to enjoy it without having to control everything.


The natives of Libra, as is already well known, are characterized by always seeking balance in all aspects of their lives. And they know that, in relationships, balance comes hand in hand with freedom. They are people who like to give space and let each one act according to their values ​​and needs.


The natives of this sign are capable of completely changing their personality if they believe that their partners are being unfaithful to them. They can even get to the point of staging inappropriate scenes. For this reason, the best thing you can do as a native of the sign of Scorpio is not to initiate love relationships if you do not feel prepared to respect the space that it needs.


Sagittarius natives are the most cheerful and independent people. They know that these qualities are essential to be happy and, therefore, they look for them even in their partners. They are not jealous people, but on the contrary. They like to see their partners succeed in life and have their friends and hobbies. They do know how to lead a good love relationship.


Despite being quite jealous people, the truth is that they hide it very well. They are not people who like to make scenes and usually observe the behavior of the couple very well before accusing them of infidelity. If they believe that there is this possibility, Capricorns will analyze the situations and, despite feeling jealous during these moments, they will know how to maintain their composure. Once they realize that everything was unfounded, they will feel comfortable with the relationship again. And this is precisely what makes their relationships usually stable and long-lasting.


Aquarians are very independent people, who demand their space and independence from everyone around them. It’s easy to see Aquarians break up if their boundaries aren’t respected, but it’s hard to see them get jealous. They are empathetic people who know that others also have their needs and, therefore, seek to reach agreements so that the relationship is respectful for both.


Pisces are not jealous people, but they do have things very clear. They are very self-confident and know all their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, they know what they deserve and analyze other people well before giving them their hearts. But, when they do, it is with all confidence. Of course, if they see disloyal attitudes from their partners, they will not hesitate to end the relationship.

Now, you know how jealous you are as a person and what consequences this attitude can have on your love relationships. Therefore, we encourage you to get to know yourself better and see how much you can contribute to others. You will improve your self-confidence and you will live more fully all the relationships that appear in your life.



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