We love, we argue, we are jealous – all of these are part of a relationship. Does that also apply to you? Or are jealousies the exception? Test your jealousy factor!

Too much jealousy can put a strain on the relationship

Clearly: when we love, we like to love exclusively. We enjoy togetherness, affection and trust. Speaking of trust: once that is shaken, it is very difficult to rebuild it. Because this is no longer a secret, we want to prevent this situation by all means and get caught up in tirades of jealousy out of sheer self-protection – out of fear. However, jealousy can also arise for completely different reasons. For example through self-doubt or insecurity: Those who are not sure of their own qualities run the faster risk of only seeing the qualities of others.

So how can you prevent jealousy? Is it enough to train self-confidence and self-awareness? Or is there more to it than that? The answer: jealousy is a question of type. Some have a strong tendency to do so, others rarely worry about whether the partner is attracted to someone, and still others are completely unaware of the feeling. So it’s high time for a test: Are you the jealous type? Or can you handle it easily?


How jealous are you?

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