When we end a relationship, sometimes we suffer more if the other person is so cheerful and cheerful, without suffering and almost already in another relationship. The shared suffering seems to alleviate, albeit badly, from many consolation fools, they say. But it is not like that, if a relationship ends, it is assumed, whatever goes ahead. But seeing that the other person also takes it a little badly helps because it means that they valued the relationship and suffer the loss. And that makes everything a little less harsh, right? Do you want to know how your ex is if you have recently broken up according to his sign ?


Aries he lives his relationships with dedication and passion, intensely. And when they are over, he lives the breakups also intensely. That will mean that you will have no qualms about talking about it whatever it takes, because doing so will make you feel better. Listening to your friends and feeling supported by them will strengthen you to move forward in the breakup. But once you’ve gotten it off your feet for… two days? Aries won’t stare into infinity for long. If you’ve broken up, don’t expect him to come back, unless you take advantage of the first few days when his heart is still warm. Then your Aries will launch forward, as it always does, towards the future, towards new projects, new people, new illusions … it will sign up for celebrations and enjoy them, even if it has some moments when it misses you. If you have been with the most initiative sign of the Zodiac, you will know that he does not sit still waiting for the sky to bring him anything. Aries is looking for it alone. And that includes finding a new life without you.


From Taurus we already know that it is a sign of a couple, although it can be alone, or with someone but without ties. But it works well as a duo, he likes the way he is but he likes what it gives him to have a partner and complement himself with someone. And that all, that the two of them, make him feel calm and with his affective needs covered. When the break comes, all the emotional part that Taurus puts when he falls in love, is upset. If you want to know how he is going to handle it when that happens, then you know that it is wrong in principle, although after assuming (or swallowing) his emotions, the rational part becomes important. And your Taurus can be very very rational. In his mind he will process each emotion, separating it with reflections such as: “It is not worth suffering if there is no longer any fix”, “if it did not work, it would not make me happy” … And he will seek tranquility in his life, You will surround yourself with close and chosen friends, settle in, and end up finding satisfaction and comfort in your new status. As long as the desire for skin and hugs are not stirred inside, he will remain still and contemplate how beautiful life is without suffering for anyone.


Gemini when she is in a couple, she gives herself and creates stable, stimulating and productive relationships, very complicit and very satisfactory for both of you. But when a relationship ends it is not one of the signs that take the longest to get over the breakup. If you’ve broken up, your Gemini will try to fill your gap quickly. Not wanting to fall in love again, although if that happens by surprise, then it will not disgust him either and he will enter head first. Remember that for this sign life is a roller coaster and you have to live it with all your will. And getting excited thinking about how wonderful life can bring you helps you overcome heartbreak. Even if you don’t go out with someone soon, what I know is not going to stay is at home. He will sign up for all the plans in the world that are proposed to him, or he will search for them on his own. And you better not ask a common acquaintance how he is doing because he will tell you how well he looks and how little he talks about your relationship. Inside he will carry his own, and I’m sure that at times he will miss you a lot, but because of his Gemini character, he is not what they feel in a dark corner of the house to cry.


Cancer, between what he falls in love with and how loyal he is always with all people, when a relationship ends, he has a hard time overcoming the breakups and for many moments he feels that he owes something to that person. He ends up succeeding, of course, like everything he sets out to do in life, but at the cost of tears, gray days and a lot of apathy for what happens around him. If you have broken up and you think there is any possibility of returning to your Cancer, take advantage of it when it is still tender and open to dialogue and to listen to an offer that indicates that yours can change. If you let a lot of time go by, and as a Cancer focuses his life on something other than you, he will not back down. And as soon as he finds someone and hopes again, less. It can be said that Cancer cries a lot up to a limit, but then it does not cry anymore,


A Leo It hurts to end a relationship a lot, and even more if the person cared and loved them. It will hurt his heart and it will hurt his pride, which for him is also very important (very important). His pride or ego or whatever you want to call it, is what shields Leo from the adversities of life (and he cultivates it well for that reason). And as long as he sees that pride as a virtue and not as a defect he does not intend to change. Precisely because of that pride of his, he will recover quickly from a breakup, almost as if it were an obligation. Pride rules and that of going around crying and regretting the past does not go with Leo. Many will be amazed, including you, that you would like to see him sadder for breaking up with you. But no, Leo may be broken with pain but he will continue forward, without lowering his eyes to the ground, looking ahead, to the future, and trying not to lose dignity at any time. Alone he may cry, or become a little more depressed, but in the eyes of others, he will overcome negative emotions and will look for something to get excited about again. Being free and going out again with the illusion of someone who wants to start over will be what he will do. And between pretending a little and enjoying at times, you will overcome the break, regardless of who it weighs. And he will not stop until he finds someone with whom to start a new love story for his life. no matter who likes it. And he will not stop until he finds someone with whom to start a new love story for his life. no matter who likes it. And he will not stop until he finds someone with whom to start a new love story for his life.


Virgo is not a cold sign but both to have relationships and when it ends, it has enough mental strength to overcome the emotional part. So when he is in love, at times you can see him more excited and happy than usual, but usually he will be temperate and will have a lot of control over what he does and says. When the breakup comes, it happens a bit the same: at times you can let yourself be carried away by dejection but most of the days you will see him well and you will have no idea what he feels inside. If there is something anecdotal with Virgo and their relationships: they tend to get a little caught with the people who were in their life, but not because they want to go back and sad, but their mind never stops looking for explanations for what happened, trying to understand And trying to close that door Many times he succeeds and other times not so much.


To Libra As he likes contact and social life so much, he never lacks people, nor a fairly wide social circle, nor partners, with whom to go out, enter, travel and make plans. With couples, you will have longer or shorter relationships, it does not matter. For Libra the important thing is to enjoy them in the moment, to enjoy life and the company of others whenever possible. If you were dating and you have broken up, do not think that because Libra is out there all day it is because he is great and looking for a replacement. He goes out because he needs others, because he does not like to be alone and less after a break up. He will surely miss you but for Libra life goes on, and he does not want or allow himself to cry a lot after ending a relationship, no matter how much he valued it. At its worst it is when it has been separated a lot from friends because of a relationship, And then she wants to get back together when she’s not dating anyone anymore. There, if a certain hostility is found, perhaps the breakup will be worse and suddenly find yourself in a loneliness on all sides that you will not like a hair.


Scorpio is someone who likes to be in a relationship. Due to his strong character and so temperamental that he seems to burn, it can seem that he goes through life wanting to be alone and to be left alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. When Scorpios feel, they want everything and that happens by having stable relationships with a lot of commitment. When they are over, the gap they leave is bigger than when a person has been in your life in a superficial way. Sure, Scorpios will pull forward when they lose someone, but they will miss them a lot. If it’s you, and you love him, try one more time. Do not lose him for not having tried as many times as necessary. Although as a Scorpio, no matter how much he loves you, he is not for work, there is little you can do. If you have failed him, give it all up for lost. If he doesn’t love you anymore, the same.


If you have broken up, it is better not to imagine your Sagittarius crying around the corners because you will be wrong. Sagittarius does not have relationships that do not convince him nor does he give it a lot of thought when they end for too long. It is because of his way of being, he had a very optimistic way of seeing life at birth, and that includes always seeing the positive side of each situation. Be careful, all this does not mean that he did not love you, or that it did not hurt him to lose you. But once in the new reality, Sagittarius is one of those who overcome by looking forward not backward. And soon you will be excited about some new plan, or wanting a new relationship. That does not mean that she is going headfirst but the illusion moves her to think that it will be like that. And that helps him face the future without you much more animated / a.


If Capricorn breaks up a relationship it will only be because they have done everything possible to keep it before. He does not like to play with these issues, and when he has a partner it is because he has bet heavily on her. If you are not sure, you prefer to be alone. But when he falls in love, he goes for it all, and he usually gets very stable relationships. When they are over, just as he does not like to waste time on other things, neither on lamentations and crying. If he is finished with you, and even if it hurts, he will mentally discard any emotion that is a brake to move forward. He may miss you, because when he feels in his heart it is for real; and he will miss you in his day to day life, because he gets very involved when he is with someone. And he will seek to occupy his time by working more, or looking for new obligations or responsibilities. In this way, Capricorn likes his work so much that it will be a pleasure to dedicate more time to it. Besides, he considers it a mistake to waste time and energy on something that has not worked. For this sign it is better to learn from mistakes and move on.


Aquarius, despite being a more cerebral than emotional sign, when she falls in love or goes out with someone she really likes, she gets involved. And that means that she opens up a lot and gives herself, even though it costs her a lot to give up part of her time, her freedom, and putting her feelings at stake. So when a relationship ends he has a hard time. But not much either. If you have broken up and you are no longer together, his mind will grow and Aquarius will give him more importance than his heart, and his thoughts will be above his feelings. What he means is that he is going to process the situation by filtering it through his head, not his heart. And you can imagine the result: he will think that you have to move on, and do it free of emotions, looking for distractions with friends or plans, or focusing on work, and taking advantage of the creativity that is born from the deep and intense feelings that lack of love brings. And your Aquarius will occupy his time in productive things, trying not to think about you too much or get carried away by nostalgia. Nor will he launch to find you a substitute, for a while, he will not want to play the game of love.


With Pisces it is difficult for you to know if your breakup is good or bad. It moves so much and in so many directions that you won’t be able to grab it and look into its eyes to know how sad it is. Have you tried to catch a fish with your hands? Very difficult, right? Likewise, and although Pisces is dedicated to love, sensitive and suffering, he has a face that many do not know, a strong and resistant part with which he faces life on numerous occasions and always wins. And mentally, when he overcomes the nostalgia and does not fall into the temptation to try again with you, repeating phrases like that you are someone who would not be worth it and that he deserves someone better, will help him get up and dream of a new love early. And to find it, do not hesitate, because Pisces believes in love, blindly, and that is why it is always found.


How Is Your Ex If You Have Broken A Little Ago According To His Sign

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