How Is The Personality Of Fire Signs And Why Are They So Intense

More than a kiss secreting heat in each sigh, more than the adrenaline rushing through each space of the skin, more than a rapt, foolish and intense heart . There are personalities that permeate your being , they return to you with aromas, with spaces, with a glance at our memories. Like the fire signs , synonymous with spontaneity, energy, passion. Because they are so? What is the personality of the fire signs like and why are they so intense?

There are three signs under the element of Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Signs that are fiery from whichever side you look at them and I’m not just talking about what goes on under the covers. His character is reckless, one of those who wipe away tears after a defeat and still hold their heads high. The Fire signs waste masculinity, they are the ones that have their pants on well.

What is the personality of the fire signs like and why are they so intense?

They are the signs that were not born to receive orders, they are the ones who take the reins of the game. They can be the most social or the most shy, depending on the person in front of them. They are the ones who celebrate every space in nature, the ones who enjoy the outdoors and being with those they love. They have ambition in every word, they do not stop, always looking for something more, than they really deserve.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Three signs that struggle with the ups and downs of their emotions, that have a manipulative, restless and cunning side. They are the ones who explode at the least expected moment and can become impatient, not everyone is ready for personalities that do not shut up, that make their steps heard loud and shake you more than the soul.


Aries is the one who becomes a hurricane, the one that never stops. Their symbol is the ram, that is the reason why they do not know the subtlety when it comes to conflicts. He is the one who will tell you things to your face, even if he knows that it will make you cry. He prefers the truth above all else,just like his planet, Mars, which drives, which fills you with energy so as not to give up in the fight. Aries competes with himself and with the rest, he is the one who takes charge in moments of crisis. It is the person who expresses what he feels with just a glance, he is the one who trusts, the one who dares.

Aries is a leader, determined and loyal to his convictions. His weakness and strength is impatience, he never stands idly by, he will always look for a solution. The signs that can most with your personality are: Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius.


Leo is the one who sweeps anyone, nobody can against so much brightness and it is natural, he does not need to do much, although he does it, because he loves to work hard to get what he wants. Leo has the Lion on his side, he is the one who bathes him with courage, who gives him the necessary caution to think before attacking. That’s where his independent part comes from, he doesn’t need you, if you’re in his life it’s because he chose you. It is ruled by the Sun, the ego is one of its best companions and they are not afraid to become the center of attention. Leo is synonymous with loyalty, he is the strength of the pack, he is the one who does not stagnate the way. They are proud of who they are.

Leo is the one who is not afraid of drama, he is the one who is used to dazzle. Who honors creativity, talent and love. However, they can be very proud, passionate, and intense. Being inflexible is something few tolerate. However, the signs most compatible with his character are: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries.


Sagittarius is the one who does not give in, who looks up even in the worst moments. He is the free-spirited one, the one who fights until exhaustion, always with an optimistic touch. His symbol is the archer, his expectations are high and once he fixes his attention on one point, there is no human power to make him change his mind,break with the everyday, with what everyone wants. It is like your planet, Jupiter, the one that guides, the one that drives us to grow, fills us with confidence and reminds us that there is always a better version of ourselves. Sagittarius was born to explore, to let his restlessness fly.

Sagittarius is the sympathetic, empathetic sign, but when you get into their affairs you can know their dark side. He doesn’t want people to take away from him, so he walks away. The signs that can with your personality are: Gemini and Aries.


How Is The Personality Of Fire Signs And Why Are They So Intense

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