How Inflated The Zodiac Signs Are

There are people who exaggerate in everything and for everything, is it true? The good thing is that, in most cases, the exaggeration is usually fun and we have a laugh with these people that we like so much. However, sometimes this exaggeration can be taken to extremes and is then not so healthy. In this article, we are going to see how exaggerated the zodiac signs are:


Aries, are you exaggerating? More than exaggerated is that you take things much more to heart than you should. It is true that you do not like to exaggerate and you always tend to downplay things before adding something extra. But, sometimes… You go too far! Well, yes, but it’s nothing you should worry about because your friends know you and know how you are.


A little bit yes you are. It is not that you do it expressly, but on certain occasions, you are exaggerating what you think about others. You make up your own ideas and you have your own world in your head, which leads you to have thoughts that don’t quite match reality.


You are a bit exaggerated, yes! Sometimes it feels like you’re pulling stories out of a movie and your friends and family don’t know where to take you. You must be a little careful when acting in this way because the others will get used to your exaggeration and will not give so much importance to what you tell them.


You love to exaggerate things and it is something that comes from within you. The truth is that you know that you exaggerate a lot and you yourself laugh at it. Others already know you and laugh with you from time to time, but this exaggeration can also make some people feel uncomfortable around you. Try to find some balance.


You don’t like to exaggerate; What’s more, you tend to be one of those who downplay things. Leo, not being exaggerated is something that is fine, but it is also true that you sometimes need others. If you always play things down, how do you expect others to help you?


You don’t often exaggerate things, but there are times when you can do (even unintentionally) when you feel like you need the attention of others. Keep an eye on this aspect, because the truth is that there are those who can get upset. Imagine that someone finds out that you have exaggerated something (and worried them) just to get their attention. How do you expect this person to react?


No way. Libra, you are a person who adjusts very much to reality, which makes you one of the least exaggerated of the Zodiac. Nor are you one of those who downplay things, so those with whom you share your life know well that you always value more than what is fair.


Yes, you are a bit exaggerated, especially in what matters a lot to you. Exaggeration, in your case, is proof that you care about someone or something, and this importance is what makes you value it above what it really is.


You are not one of those who downplay things, but sometimes, you can go a little overboard. How do you know it’s true? You always feel super content and happy, and you usually know how to give the necessary importance to things and flow well with everything that comes to you. Sometimes, however, you can be a bit exaggerated, which makes others end up worrying more than necessary about you. Try not to let this happen too much, okay?


You don’t have a hair of exaggeration. You know well where the right measure is in everything and, in any case, you tend to see things as less negative than they could be. Likewise, you don’t see all the good in them either. Capri, it would be interesting if you focused a little more on seeing the situations in their entirety and not just part of them.


You tend to exaggerate quite a bit when it comes to complaining about life. The truth and you know it, is that there are times when you exaggerate just because it comes from within, right? Sometimes, things are not so bad, but still, you continue to give too much importance to everything that bothers you.


You are a born exaggerator! Your thing is cinema and there is no way you can stop doing it. However, it is also true that you do it with minor issues and not with the most important things in life. For this, you and your friends already take it with a little laugh. Since you know it’s true, it doesn’t bother you either, right? Well, that’s fine. At the end of the day, this is what it is all about: being happy and well with those close to us.

If you have seen that you are a slightly more exaggerated person than necessary, you should start thinking about it. Being exaggerated, as we have seen, can be a fun thing. But, it can also be something that negatively affects the way you see life. Be careful if you are in this situation because life must be lived and exaggeration can deprive you of enjoying many moments.


How Inflated The Zodiac Signs Are

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