How Famous Are Aries

How Famous Are Aries

Aries is known as the first sign of the Zodiac. People born between March 21 and April 20 are neither more nor less than Aries. They are characterized by being strong, having overwhelming energy, and by that touch of madness that sometimes makes it difficult to understand them. They may fall a little bad at first, it’s normal. They have so much energy that not everyone knows how to capture it. But then they are pure love. This defines the Aries. Surely you have ever wondered what celebrities are Aries, to see if you identified with them or not. Here is a list of all those singers, actors, and celebrities who are 100% Aries:

Lady Gaga: March 28, 1986

The quintessential Ariana. They will have left you crazy at some point with one of their outfits or their shows. She shows that she doesn’t care about everything, that she doesn’t care too much about the opinion of others. But deep down, she has a huge heart and treats her fans incredibly well. She is a very ambitious person. We have already seen that not only is she a singer, but she is also an actress and even she has makeup marks. She pure defender of free love, that was clear.

Mariah Carey: March 27, 1969

Another pop diva is Aries. She is persuasive and daring, but at the same time with overwhelming inner strength. She shows that she steps strong and that she is not afraid of anything. She has been succeeding since the 90s and she never stops, she never gives up.

Emma Watson: April 15, 1990

One of the Aries with the best heart and with a charisma that makes everyone like her. You see her and you know that there is nothing wrong with her, although it is true that she is stupid.

Lil Nas X: April 9, 1999

All eyes are on him lately because he has shown that he is going to break with the pre-established, that he does not care about the rules. He has made it clear that he has a lot of confidence in himself. He has a lot of creativity and that’s why you can tell he’s an Aries.

Robert Downey Jr.: April 4, 1965

A true superhero. He has had a somewhat dark past, but, like the good Aries that he is, he has been reborn from his ashes to such an extent that hardly anyone remembers his past. He has a character that you can even think that he is a superhero in real life.

Elton John: March 25, 1947

A music legend who has always given the same to everything and has done what has come from his heart. Only Aries with such self-confidence would be able to achieve everything he has achieved throughout his life.

Kristen Stewart: April 9, 1990

Believe it or not, she is Aries. And it is that many of us know her for her role in the Twilight saga, a character that is totally the opposite of what Aries is. But Kristen is a very authentic person. She may be secretive and somewhat mysterious, but she is 100% authentic.

Kourtney Kardashian: April 18, 1979

This Kardashian is known for all her love dramas. She is currently in a relationship with Travis Baker, a Scorpio, and the intensity is guaranteed. She is one of the most controversial sisters. She certainly doesn’t shut up at all, that’s typical of Aries.

Miguel Angel Silvestre: April 6, 1982

At first, you may think that Michelangelo is a very unapproachable person, but once you know a little more about him, you realize that he is outgoing and the funny friend that we would all like to have. Also, he adores his family and his friends. He is self-confident and very demanding.

Anya TaylorJoe: April 16, 1996

A mysterious Aries, with clear ideas and who stomps wherever she goes. It never goes unnoticed. And yes, you may think that she is very dark, and deep down, she can be, but she will always fight for what she wants.

Aron Piper: March 29, 1997

This Aries seems to have nothing wrong with him. He acts, sings, and on top of that, he wins the hearts of all his followers. He is VERY attractive. Perhaps it is his self-confidence that makes everyone love him.

These are some of the best-known Aries, but we don’t forget others… Among the actors, there is also Aries: Pedro Pascal, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Ewan McGregor, Quim Gutiérrez… Other Arian actresses such as Elle Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, Lily James, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Jessica Parken. Singers who are also Aries like Anitta, Tini, Victoria Beckham, Luis Fonsi, Pharrell Williams, or Lola Índigo. And among the content creators, we find the great Ibai and Vegeta.


How Famous Are Aries

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