How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected By The Spring Equinox


On March 21, you will say something that will prove to those around you that you are the person they can count on.
In fact, if you talk to multiple people, you’ll have a fan club by the end of your presentation.
You are super strong during this transit, and you should take advantage of your charisma powers. You will be listened to, your words matter, and because the Sun is now in Aries, you will be taken seriously.


It is you who will bring the revolution, so to speak. This refers to your reaction to the Sun in Aries and the Moon in trine Mercury, which will definitely make you feel like something is wrong, and if you don’t fix it, no one else will.
You see the problem and now it’s up to you to change things.
You have the ability to do this, and you will spend most of this transit successfully convincing people that they need to change the way they do something.


A big decision will be made during this transit, and it could end up overturning one of your expectations; you thought things would go one way when they are definitely going the other way.
There might be a change of plans and you might be required to participate in something of a “fun” nature.
With our Sun in Aries, pleasure is in order.
You’ll be curious and distant at first, but soon after you assess the situation, you’ll be having a lot of fun.


It’s up to you today to be the one to play the role of hero. You are going to meet someone you love today, and they will think of you as their knight in shining armor.
You have what it takes to make someone feel really good about themselves and life in general.
Your compassionate nature rules today, and although you are strong, thanks to the Aries transit in place here, you will make someone very happy.


You might be tempted to spend money you don’t have, but on this day, you don’t care — if there’s something you want, you’ll find a way to make it yours. This transit brings out your lifelong need to live your life your way.
You feel like there’s no point in having money except to spend it freely, and that’s exactly what you find a way to do.
You communicate through gifts and treats. Aries season brings out your generous side.


At the end of this transit, you will be able to pay yourself back for a job well done.
You’ve leveled the playing field, Virgo, and that means you’ve finally finished something that’s been left unattended for too long and fallen into disrepair.
It’s a major success on your part and it will inspire you to do more, to go further, to do more. You have always worked well with the energy of Aries because you appreciate its power.


It’s a good opportunity for you today, Libra because you’ll have the chance to do something amazing.
Because you are very good at communication, you will be the one chosen to do the dirty work during this transit, but this “dirty work” is exactly the kind of work you like, and when you are in your element, everything that you can bring is success and victory.
Aries season always brings you the courage to carry on.


It will be during Moon trine Mercury that you will finally feel vindicated. Everything that happened in the past has finally straightened out, and that’s because of your efforts to make it that way.
You are a person to listen to, a major force, a born leader. Aries energy gives you that extra edge – and wow, it never works for you.
You will direct those who wish to work with you to a better understanding of business and profitability.


You will feel very playful during the Moon trine Mercury, and with the Sun in Aries now, when you play, you create.
This is where the fun is for you, and when it comes to communicating, you do your best to show what you’re made of through the arts.
And not only will you be able to show off your skills, but you will also sell your wares. Much success in the art business during this transit.


You have been waiting for important news and during the Moon trine Mercury you will receive the information you need.
Now, this report might not be stellar, but you had to know that to move on.
Knowing is better than remaining ignorant, so you welcome news, whether good or bad.
Everything will work out once the “decree” is entered. As we have just started the season of Aries, you will need patience.


You have suffered emotionally, and with the power of Sun Aries in your heart, you will be able to purge yourself of that pain through creativity.
Your pain will lift you up, so to speak.
And thanks to this purge, you will be able to free yourself. It’s convoluted, yes, but you will somehow be able to translate your heartache into creative expression, which will touch the hearts of others.


It might not last, but you’re going to be the magic child during this transit, which means pretty much everything you touch turns to gold.
This is the perfect time for you to invest or play the lottery.
You are a money magnet during this transit, and with the Sun in Aries, you could go a long way with this if you speak clearly and with intention. Say the right thing and you’ll open the doors to major success, Pisces.


How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected By The Spring Equinox

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