When you want to show that you have romantic intentions towards others, you impress with the cuisine, the art, the creative efforts that allow your choice to know that you want to please them aesthetically.
It makes you happy to prepare a good meal for your personal and makes you even happier when they like what you are preparing.


When you’re in a romantic mood, you don’t spare pomp and glamor when you go out on a date. You will spend hours preparing, and every minute will be worth it in the long run, as you dress to impress and your intentions are always good.
You let your person know that you are romantically interested in showing them how important it is for you to present beautifully.


You are a silent romantic and often moments that will manifest as a rare gift that you have found for your lover. And you always present it as a surprise.
Surprises are your way of being romantic and spontaneous, your natural kindness and your shy way of always making sure that your lover is in love with you.


When it comes to romance, you’re ready, willing, and able to present yourself as the most caring, loving, and caring companion this person could want.
You are a pleasure to people, and when you focus on a particular person, you let them know that they are safe with you – and very much desired.


The romance brings out the heavy expenses for you, and the sky is the limit when you are the one buying the gifts. Wow, do you ever like to load prezzies, and what’s great is that you do it to please, not to impress.
You enjoy watching your person smile and laugh with joy, and you have absolutely no problem promising them more and more.


You can be a demanding romantic partner, but you give twice as much as you receive, and you don’t mind. It’s in your nature to dream big and follow your passion, and when it comes to others, if you find yourself in love with someone, you go wholeheartedly.
You let your person know that they are adored and you continue to give your heart and your soul throughout the romance.


You tend to find romance in the slightest of things. And when you find a partner to share your very individual and very specific types of interests, wow – you essentially claim that person as yours.
You are possessive, but no one complains because when you start to give yourself, everyone’s heart overflows with joy.


You hang on to the person you fall in love with and you tend to obsess. Although it may seem tacky or needy, you have a way for yourself, Scorpio, which lets your lover know that you mean business.
You are a romantic who likes to plan for the future and you like to involve your person in big dreams of travel and adventure.


You are nothing but a romance, Sagittarius, and it means that you live in a romantic dream state. You are very picky about the people you bring into your life, and even more picky about the people you fall in love with.
But once you find that person, you can guarantee that they will be like you: a hopeless romantic who lives in a dream state, 24/7.


You like a good inner joke, and that doesn’t always mean a joke. When you feel romantic, you will go a long way to find your love interest in this perfect gift – the one they mentioned, but never thought they would have.
Well, it’s you, Capricorn, who delivers the goods.


Even if you are really romantic, you are also a bit shy, so public displays of affection are for you. But in private, you are a serious schmoozer; put a drink in your hand and all the inhibitions are unleashed.
You like to dazzle with words and promises, and it’s never about making those promises come true; it’s about the timing and how completely romantic it can be when two people dream together.


When romance strikes you, Pisces, you fall in love with not looking back. Your passion is competitive; you will win, and if the prize is your love interest, you will not stop until you have exhausted all possible resources.
You want it, and your person will recognize that desire in you. And they will fall hard for that … and for you.


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