How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Handles Its Emotions

How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Handles Its Emotions

everything in your path. They are synonymous with facing yourself, with your weaknesses, with your fears and what you dream about, but you don’t tell anyone. Sometimes you can be with the best attitude and sometimes you just don’t want to know anything. How does each zodiac sign handle its emotionsMaybe a deep breath is not always enough.

1.- Aries 

Aries is the one who puts his feelings first, the truth is that he does not care if he is liked or not by people, he simply shares what is in his heart. It is a sign that honors cunning, so it has a very peculiar way of carrying out every crazy idea that crosses your mind. Of course, it has its patient and sweet side, but also the cruel one that does not touch the heart when it comes to bringing down the other. You decide, which one do you want to wake up to?

2.- Taurus 

The stubbornness that Taurus hides in his being is nothing new and when it comes to showing his emotions he is no exception. It is the sign that you can daydream, the one that lets your mind play and forgets everything. She has the gift of daring, of healing in every way, of holding tightly what is in her heart. Sometimes, you just want to run away from everything and everyone, but you always find some kind of inspiration to move on.

3.- Gemini 

Gemini can seem like the bravest person in the world, the one who is not afraid of change, who is very versatile, but true to his convictions. However, when tears are present you can lose control, it just breaks. It is the type of sign that has been accumulating fears and sadness for a long time that it does not tell anyone. He is not weak, but from time to time he needs to cleanse his soul to continue. Of course, it will not do it with just anyone.

4.- Cancer 

Cancer is too sensitive, but it keeps quiet. You are used to being the shoulder that others use to shed their tears, but who helps you? It may seem strong, but inside there are times when you can’t take it anymore. Cancer resists, but when it finds no way out, it sends a desperate message to that person it trusts above all else. And it is that he does not like that the rest find out that he is breaking, he prefers to pretend that nothing happens.

5.- Leo 

Leo and his pride. If there is a sign that finds it difficult to show its emotions, without a doubt, we are talking about Leo. It is his ego that does not allow him to accept that things will not always go as planned and that when they do not, there is nothing left but to accept the change and try to show his best face. He is not used to dealing with defeat, he is a leader, he shines from head to toe and for that reason, he only tells very close friends, but he does not get hooked. Get what you feel and move on.

6.- Virgo  

A minute of silence for all the times Virgo has felt the crunch of pain in his heart, but the next morning he decides to put a smile on his face as if nothing was wrong. It is a sign that is always against the clock, it is himself struggling with the heap of their demands. The point is that he is very perfectionist, any slight mistake exaggerates it and that is when he breaks when in the four walls of his room he cannot stop crying.

7.- Libra 

Libra is very emotional, he is the one who can end in a huge cry when someone betrays him or simply is moved by some situation. It’s the kind of sign that lets its fragility show up when no one sees it, because it is unwilling to accept that it needs help. He is used to being the hand that lifts the other, but he does not allow others to help him as well. You need to embrace your feelings because you have long blocked them out of pride.

8.- Scorpio 

Cheers for everything you’ve experienced! For Scorpio, there is no harm that does not come for good and the truth is that his cruel side becomes one of the best coats when the heart hurts because it does not allow him to be defeated. To the rhythm of a good song and a couple of drinks, he knows that sorrows are forgotten. Pain is not forever and life has taught him that better things come, even if it is hard for him to accept it at the moment. It is a brave sign, few have so much gallantry in their souls.

9.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is anything but perfect. Behind his life full of adventures, risks, wanting to enjoy every moment, there is also an emotional being that sometimes does not know how to deal with everything that happens in his heart. The way he handles his emotions is by letting everything flow, it is not a sign that he is hooked, he knows that things happen for something and he prefers to see the positive side of everything. This is Sagittarius, they have learned to also enjoy bitter moments.

10.- Capricorn  

Capricorn can be so pessimistic that when things are going perfectly, they are only waiting for the slightest failure to show that something was not right. He is excessively demanding with everything that life presents him and that is the reason why he prefers to avoid his emotions. He takes refuge in work, in a busy schedule, in all that he wants to shout at the world, but keeps quiet to keep up appearances. He hates showing his vulnerable side and being used as a weapon.

11.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is not a sign that goes through life like an open book, on the contrary, it is difficult for it to show what it feels. There comes a time when he is so quiet that he ends up exploding in the middle of loneliness. The way he channels his emotions is with himself, suddenly he allows himself to feel all that anguish, that fear, that happiness and that is when the tears or euphoria are present. Aquarius does not count for anything, because he is terrified of talking with those who do not understand his way of thinking.

12.- Pisces 

Pisces is the sign that has the hardest time dealing with its emotions, because it is the most sensitive of all and the worst thing is that it becomes the sponge of those around it. There comes a time when he assumes responsibilities with which he cannot, because it is difficult for him to say no and his supportive and empathetic side ends up giving in to the manipulation of people who only come to their days to take advantage of so much kindness. That’s when it explodes and just walks away from everyone.


How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Handles Its Emotions

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