How Each Sign Leaves You Speaking

How Each Sign Leaves You Speaking

There are loves that you keep deep within you, in the desperate beat of your heart, in the way your skin cracks up. Loves that run through each scar and still decide to stay by your side. Each sign of the zodiac has a particular way of enveloping you, of filling you with the desire to give everything. Sometimes, it’s their smile, the way they kiss, how they look at you, how they take care of you, their details. And that’s when they become the sun of your days and the moon of your nights. Surely a memory has already come to your mind, the kind that you just have to think about to relive it all. Here’s how each sign leaves you speechless: 


A heart that has courage, ambition, that does not make mistakes when it gives everything. Aries does not lose, because the one who loves the most is the one who wins. It has a rapturous way of stealing your breath because it invites you to break with the conventional. It is not the classic love that keeps appearances, it does not care what they will say and all it wants is to fill you with details. Those details test your fears. It takes you to places that you only imagined in your dreams, those that make your body and soul tremble. It is a warrior sign, it makes you feel special and, above all, loved. He will follow your steps through thick and thin, just when you think that no one can save you anymore, he will be there to give you a hand.


Taurus is the love that will test your patience because nobody beats him when he wants to achieve something, he just focuses and lets his stubbornness do its thing. The same thing happens when someone likes you, wants to give you the whole world. The moment Taurus finds a genuine connection, romance speaks for him and all he wants is to make his partner feel very special. He is the one who gives the most beautiful surprises, the ones you least expect and that includes some detail that you told him a long time ago and he did not forget. Taurus knows the art of conquest perfectly and is not one bit afraid to use it. She likes knowing that she pampers her partner with her bare hands, so if she has to activate her creative side, she does it.


If there is someone in this world who is very accommodating, without a doubt, we are talking about Gemini. The moment love knocks on his door, he is capable of giving everything, he lets himself be carried away like a sailboat at sea and all he wants is to steal smiles. Although it seems that he is always in his world, he is very perceptive and knows what his partner likes. What makes you fall in love with Geminis is the way he puts you in the first place effortlessly, you don’t need to beg his attention, because all the time he makes it clear to you how important you are to him. More than a love, it becomes a life partner, someone who does not let go of you no matter what happens.


Cancer is the sign that teaches you the meaning of unconditionality, when you love, you do it from the gut and are capable of defending what you feel with tooth and nail. Cancer does not save anything, perhaps for some it is too intense, but they prefer that before pretending something that goes against their convictions. It is a loyal, emotional and very sweet love. Being in his arms is synonymous with romanticism, a new opportunity, giving yourself as if there was no tomorrow. It is a constant conquest that heals your soul and it is enough for you to nail that adorable look to make you speechless.


There are those who judge Leo for his safety, because his hands do not shake when it comes to applauding his own achievements. They say it is narcissism because they have no idea how much it took him to assimilate its value. The many nights in which he felt nothing, in which he desperately searched for a little affection and a way to save his self-esteem, but no one helped him. Now she has the courage to wipe her tears and move on. Now he is able to love with a lot of light. He who has not tried the soft, passionate and genuine kisses of a Leo, has not known the beauty of the world . Because they are the kind in which you feel like your heart is going to break out.


Virgo is synonymous with practicality, effort, serious relationships. You don’t play games when your heart is involved. She stays with that lover who not only fills her life with adrenaline but also who is willing to create a long-term project. Someone who is not afraid of commitment and has the courage to fall in love every day. Virgo leaves you speechless because of his way of seeing life, because he has goodness in his soul, but he is very selective when it comes to showing it. It sets limits, not everyone has the privilege of entering its world. His love is at first sight, he surrounds you with his gaze, because he makes poetry in the wind as it travels you from head to toe.


Libra has a very peculiar way of hooking you and doesn’t even do it with that intention. It comes into your life stealthily, little by little it becomes part of your days and when you least think you are already telling it your whole life. It gives you the confidence to be simply you, to share with him everything that weighs you down, what makes you cry, what fills you with anger and also the reason why you laugh a couple of laughs. Libra is love from the side you see it and that is why the way in which it unites its gaze with yours does not lie. It is full of kindness, generosity, justice. When Libra falls in love, he makes it clear that he will put loyalty first no matter what else and that’s when he leaves you speechless.


They say that a good heart is the best religion. Scorpio knows exactly what I’m talking about, because behind all that darkness that people have created around them, an exceptional being hides, the one that is more than shaking your life in the blink of an eye. Scorpio is courageous, love, simplicity, he is the one who does not put obstacles and shows himself as he is. It leaves you speechless because it restores hope, it shows you that sincere love exists and that when both of you decide to have something beautiful and healthy, there is nothing that can stand in the way of your happiness. Scorpio makes you fall in love intensely and makes you feel everything just by having it a few inches away.


The moment Sagittarius invites you to its days, it is like immersing yourself in a trip in which you are going to live all the adventures in the world. The way she loves is so devastating, it doesn’t leave you a moment to breathe. But every moment you value it, you keep it in a little corner of your untouchable heart. Because it is one of those loves that teaches you how beautiful it is to love from freedom, without a single tie, you are there because you want to, not out of obligation. Sagittarius confronts you, makes you wonder if you have what really makes you happy and if not, invites you to dare, not to fear, because it will be there to give you the courage you need.


Capricorn is that love that assures you that if one day you lose your way, it will be there to accompany you and find it again. He is one of those who really give himself, because from the first moment he tells you about his intentions. Maybe for some it is too traditional, but you need to know what the direction of the relationship is, where they want to go. He is not comfortable with passing loves, uncertainty is not his thing. That of the ups and downs is already in the past for a long time, do not think to wear out for something like that. When Capricorn loves, it shows in the effort he puts into every detail , he wants to make you feel unique in the whole world.


Aquarius is the love that comes into your life like humidity, you don’t even realize when it is already part of you, when it takes over your thoughts and all you want is to scream at the world how much it shakes your soul. It is the love that leaves you speechless by the way he whispers to you without warning, by the warmth in his caresses and how soft he kisses you. Aquarius is love, he is dedicated, he is the one who does not demand you, but every time you want to share everything at his side. He is reserved, maybe he does not always have the words you want to hear, but what he says is real, he has no intention of hurting you, only that he loves in a different way.


Pisces does not let go of you from the first moment. It’s not that it cloaks you, it has a very sweet way of captivating you, because it connects with your emotions long before putting a finger on you . He is the one who seeks a love beyond the physical, he wants that feeling in which the two souls decide to unite and have everything. It leaves you speechless because it teaches you the beautiful side of life, where everything is possible, where those crazy dreams that crossed your mind and no one was listening now have a strong voice. Pisces fixes you and doesn’t even realize it, it reminds you of your worth and how much you can shine. However, it is his kisses that leave tattoos in every corner of your skin. You will never feel such soft breath again.


How Each Sign Leaves You Speaking

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