How Each Sign Gets Angry And What You Can Do To Avoid It

Anger And It's Cure

How Each Sign Gets Angry And What You Can Do To Avoid It

Have you ever wondered why there are people who get angry about everything and those who never do? Surely you have noticed that there are people who are explosive when they get angry, while others, no matter how much you do, never lose their temper. Although you may think that the way we get angry is determined by genetics, you should know that there is a large component that comes from our zodiac sign. If you want to know how each sign gets angry and what you can do to avoid it, here we tell you everything.

ARIES: most passionate

People who are born under the sign of Aries are people with a lot of passion inside. This temperamental character goes very well in certain areas of life, but it also has its downside. When Aries gets angry, keep in mind that he will let go of everything he has on his mind and he will be more than relieved. However, this way of saying things hurts many people with high sensitivity. If you’re one of them, don’t take it personally.

Preventing Aries from getting angry can be the most complicated. We recommend that, before this happens, you start a calm conversation in which you can express yourself without reaching certain limits.

TAURUS: the stubborn

If there is something that characterizes a Taurus, it is their stubbornness. They are the most stubborn of the Zodiac, so arguing with them is not going to get us anywhere. The good thing about Taurus is that they are very patient people and it is very difficult to make them reach the limits of excessive anger. However, it is important that you know that, if this discussion occurs, it will be devastating and you may feel the most attacked. Of course, after a day they will not even remember it, so you must do the same.

Preventing a Taurus from getting angry is quite simple and it is enough that you listen to him and let him express himself.

GEMINI: the cheerful one

Gemini is the cheerful sign of the Zodiac, so it is difficult to see them angry. They are people with great patience and do not usually dramatize for nothing. Arguments with them are usually easy to resolve. Don’t expect a Gemini to yell or anything like that, because they’re not like that. They will rather sit down and have a good conversation than start a fight that they know will get them nowhere.

Preventing a Gemini from getting angry is the simplest. You hardly have to do anything because, as we have said, they are the happiest. It will be enough that you share your doubts or problems with them and they will always go by your arm to find the best solution.

CANCER: sensitive and very intuitive

Those born under the sign of Cancer are very sensitive people, so they don’t usually get into large-scale discussions: they know that there are certain behaviors that hurt and they don’t want to hurt anyone. As with Geminis, it will be rare to see them lose their temper.

To prevent them from getting angry, you just have to be empathetic toward them. Let them express themselves and find a way to reach a solution that works for both of you.

LEO: proud, but with common sense

Leos have a reputation for being very proud, but they are no more so than other people you may meet in life. However, it is easy for them to get angry when having reached an agreement with them, you simply break it. When this happens, keep in mind that his anger will be visible and a bit aggressive.

To prevent them from getting angry, the best thing you can do is not contradict them on issues that they dominate. And, if not, you should let him express his opinion and justify his arguments.

VIRGO: nervous and perfectionist

Those born under the sign of Virgo are very nervous and perfectionist people who want to do everything perfectly. It is not a sign that gets angry easily, but if it feels betrayed, it will unleash its fury: a fury that you will not see in any other sign. A fight with a Virgo will be a vocal fight. They often lose their temper and even say something they don’t really mean. They don’t cut hair. The best thing about Virgos is that, once the storm has passed, they are very reasonable and it is not difficult for them to apologize if they see that you are right.

To avoid angering a Virgo it is essential that you communicate. Communication is the basis of relationships with Virgos.

LIBRA: good manners and diplomats

If there is something that characterizes Libras, it is that they are one of the least angry. And when they do, they won’t yell or lose their composure. They are very diplomatic people who, even when they get angry, speak well and never lose their manners.

To prevent Libra from getting angry you just need to be a friendly and diplomatic person too; that is, you know how to measure your words and can carry on a proper conversation.

SCORPIO: self-control took to the maximum exponent

If there is something that characterizes Scorpios, it is that they control themselves at all times. Even if they get mad, they don’t lose their temper and you’ll never see them say anything they don’t really mean.

Avoiding the anger of Scorpios is easy: they are practical. Have good conversations with them and reason your ideas.


The Sagittarius are people who we will not see angry on many occasions. Of course, when they get angry, you can already run. They are people who explode quickly and unleash their anger without hardly expecting it.

To avoid the fight, the best thing you can do is to let him blow up and get it off his chest. In this way, you can later make him see reason.

CAPRICORN: distant and mysterious

Capricorn is distant and mysterious, as well as extremely sensitive. He gets annoyed easily, but he usually carries his anger inside. Once he is calm and serene, it will be time to talk to him. They are not people to talk a lot about things, but when they do, they like to be listened to. If they don’t get it, that’s when they get angry. Preventing a Capricorn from getting angry is simple: he lets it express itself and nothing should be kept inside. You need to be approachable and show that you are on his side.

AQUARIUS: the one who debates

Aquarius controls his emotions a lot and it is not easy to see him lose his temper. They are very open to debate, so they know how to express themselves and listen.

Avoiding arguments with them is simple: it will be enough to find a quiet moment to discuss these issues that concern you.

PISCES: the one who evades

Pisces is a sign that tends to avoid conflicts, so it is easy for them not to have arguments. However, when they can’t take it anymore and have to face the discrepancies, they can lose their temper and become a bit violent.

How to avoid this anger? Talking to them in a sincere and leisurely way. Make them understand that avoiding is not the solution. You must come up with several solutions to the conflict that is conducive to you and let him choose the one that best suits him.

As you can see, knowing how each sign gets angry is easy. With this information, you will be able to avoid friction with each one of them and make your relationships stable and fruitful.

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