How do you really make your wife happy? 10 things good men do.

How do you really make your wife happy? 10 things good men do.

For many husbands, wives can be downright confusing. For the marriage to be happy, the woman must be happy – many husbands have recognized this. They know that the small, unimportant things matter most. 

There are countless times in a marriage where a husband and wife clash and conflict. No wonder men aren’t sure how to make their wives happy! Efforts to make your wife happy often seem to backfire.

While the mystery between men and women is sure to continue, here are ten tried and tested things a man can do to keep a woman happy for sure:

1. He always takes care of talking times

He can never be so busy that he doesn’t have 15 minutes a day to talk to his wife. A husband who wants to make his wife happy should plan to talk to his wife regularly. If dinner doesn’t work, it might be a five-minute call for lunch or a ten-minute sit-down on the sofa in the evening.

2. He is interested in things his wife says

Sometimes the things women talk about can be boring, lengthy, dramatic, or illogical (or all of the above) to men. However, men who behave as if what their wife says is important to them and show interest make their wife happy with it. Imagine a boardroom meeting and you’re listening to a boring presentation from your boss. You would still act interested out of respect for your boss. A man should therefore be interested in his wife’s comments, not always because the conversation is so exciting for him, but because he loves his wife.

3. He says “Please” and “Thank you”

A man who knows how to ask a woman for something and thanks to her for her words or actions will be loved all the more by a woman. She will appreciate it when a man shows her appreciation and gratitude. A good husband is not afraid to say “please” and “thank you” to his wife.

4. He ensures loving hours

Women like the loving way a man holds their hand puts his arms around her waist and kisses her gently. A man should do this over and over and, if possible, never stop. He should physically court his wife with a steady flow of affection. And the goal of all of those hugs and cuddles isn’t necessarily to have a romance that night. It’s just about being physically close.

5. He’s taking her on a date

A good man lets his wife know that he would like to hear all the details of their day over a nice, hot cup of coffee. Or he just wants to spend a special time with her. You can still have dates if you’ve been together for a long time. Women love it when men take them out to eat or think of something exciting for them.

6. He tells her she looks adorable

Women often ask their husbands if they look good in their new dress or with their new hairstyle. Often they are extremely self-critical and they are afraid of not being able to keep up with other women. Her husbands should make it clear to her that they are beautiful in her eyes. When a man looks his wife in the eyes and tells her she looks adorable, it will make her infinitely happy.

7. He helps her around the house

The household has long ceased to be a woman’s business. But many men have still not understood this and prefer to leave these things to their wives. If a man supports his wife around the house, helps out in the kitchen, and even vacuums without being asked, his wife will be incredibly grateful to him for it.

8. He gives her hold

Most of all, a woman looks for security in a relationship. Perhaps she is worried about an upcoming move, child development, or financial pressures. A man makes his wife happy when he encourages his wife and gives her support. He assures her that everything will be fine if she feels bad and is just there for her when she needs him.

9. It opens

The strong, silent guy works in the movie, but not in real life. A woman wants to hear about his life. She wants to know what makes him happy and what challenges him. This is how she connects with him. She actually cares about what he had for lunch and what he saw on the way home. They are also interested in deeper things. A man opens up to his wife and tells her about himself if he wants to make her happy.

10. He apologizes for his mistakes

Marriage can be compared to a trip. Because you are constantly developing and there are always opportunities to improve. Men who take their wife’s advice and try to become a better version of themselves are not only good husbands but also good people.


How do you really make your wife happy? 10 things good men do

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