How Do You Have To Kiss Each Sign So It Doesn’t Forget You

There are kisses that say it all, that permeate even the depths of your emotions. Kisses that come as if nothing and make you feel everything. One of those that give you calm and adrenaline with the same intensity. Few people know the art of moving your lips to make you stand on end more than your skin. They are one of the kisses that are not forgotten, that leave their name tattooed on you. Do you want to know how you have to kiss each sign so that it does not forget you?  


Aries is synonymous with risk, adventure, it is a challenge for any mouth. He is not satisfied and always wants more. A sign that thirsts to love, to surrender, to make you explode in every way. He enjoys physical contact, he does not want it to be the first time, he likes the game of caresses, the soft tips running through each space until finally the lips meet. Enjoy when it starts in a rough way, the pressure of the lips, that aggressive touch turns them on.


A challenge for some, we are talking about one of the best kissers in the zodiac. Taurus is the one who honors sensitivity, he is patient at first, but as the temperature rises he can end up being the wildest. He gets carried away by his physical and emotional impulses, he does not exaggerate, he just feels more than the rest. She is the one who appreciates soft lips, with a tempting scent. He likes that they start from the neck until they reach his mouth.


Behind an apparent cold personality, hides an adorable soul, eager for a little tenderness through the lips. A  Gemini catch him through the intellect, it is a sign that pays close attention to your thinking, from there and start to feel if you are special. He likes to start with the cuddly thing, a kiss on the forehead that tests his thoughts and when you least imagine it, a brush of his lips. Gemini is a great kisser, once they initiate contact they give you a great experience. He likes deep connection, looks that say it all.


Cancer is emotion, it is someone who cannot do anything without putting a warm, loving and passionate touch on it. It is a sign that kisses without gray, bets on everything or nothing. The more sensual the encounter, the better. Cancer is the one who starts out in a tender and naive way, but as it progresses it becomes wild, daring, puts stress on it and makes it tremendously romantic and satisfying.


Leo is the one who knows the technique of kissing exactly, a sign that breaks prejudices, that puts your sensual side to the test. He is the type of person who can awaken your darkest fantasies with just one kiss. He is competitive to the bone, so he cannot miss a touch of passion, he is one of those who likes to be looked at in the eyes,grabbed by the hair and make them lose themselves with the movements of the tongue. It is very odorous, so you will take that into account.


Virgo is simple, practical, but perfectionist. He is the one who enjoys kisses with caution, is not in a hurry, wants to enjoy every moment as if there were no tomorrow. It is the soul that puts precision ahead, who goes through it little by little until it reaches your mouth. It is a touch of sweetness and evil, the perfect mix to make you beat more than your heart. Virgo can make you feel everything with a kiss on the hand that will lead him to the least imagined place.


Libra is passion, intensity and a bit of elegance. He is the person who bets him at the moment, he does not care about the emotional bond, but he wants it to be something unique. Of those kisses that make you feel a flutter in your stomach. Despite being such a confident sign, at first he is shy, he needs to feel that he is with the right person. He likes to start lightly and finish with a light bite.


Scorpio is tempted, he is the one who has the forbidden in the way he uses his tongue. He likes kisses that include an intense look, that are lost in the corners of the lips. They are the ones who enjoy caresses, whispers and a good squeeze, while kissing. It is a sign that goes to the bottom, has fun in your throat and puts tension on the moment. AScorpio likes what caught, so intense, an unexpected kiss inmiddle of nowhere orfront of everyone, knows no bounds, his energy goes beyond everything.


The kiss that makes a trip to every corner of the body, the one that is enough to feel the lips a few inches away to experience an inexplicable sensation of well-being. Sagittarius is the one who invites the imagination, who awakens that which you do not talk to anyone , is the one who adds a fiery touch to the art of kissing. It does not need to be a kiss to the throat, it is enough that it is genuine, that it gives you time to let your fantasies fly.


Capricorn is practical, elegant, sweet. However, when it comes to kissing, she has an insatiable ambition, she never tires of the lips she likes . They stay with the person who awakens their wild side, with whom they can be without any filter. It is possible that among so much adrenaline they invite one or another bite, but they return to the soft. They are the ones that make your skin crawl and then calm you down, they like to play with that ups and downs of emotions, that’s how they remember kisses.


Aquarius is the one who gives you the kisses that lead you to dream, those that are more than physical contact. It is a sign that needs a mental connection, which islost in the way you caress, how you approach, what you say. The way you move your lips, they remember everything. They are not one of those who get lost with anyone, they do not always need something emotional, but they do need something intellectual. Aquarius remembers the kisses of people that moved something in his reason.


Pisces is synonymous with softness, relaxation and a lot of love. It’s the kind of lip-sinking sign that you like. He does not like the accelerated, he prefers to go little by little, enjoying the moment until reaching the maximum point. That lip-to-lip touch, in which there is the opportunity to feel the breath, who connects and wishes. Kissing Pisces is an experience that you will take with you for a lifetime. Not everyone can with such a genuine kiss.


How Do You Have To Kiss Each Sign So It Doesn't Forget You

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