Usually insightful and energetic, you will find that your decisions are suddenly more… precise. You will not only want results – you will want stellar and breathtaking results, and you might be too hard during the process. Stay focused and try not to kill anyone along the way.


You learn lessons very quickly and tend to become reflective towards the end of the year. The influence of Capricorn on your sign will feel like a need to figure out what’s wrong and how to work on it next year. Go with the flow. It can be a steep climb, but the universe supports your efforts.


You may feel a little more restless than usual during the strength of Capricorn, and this can make you feel depressed, unable to concentrate. Stay strong, Gemini, and for the love of everything you hold sacred, try to get out of your head. You are going crazy, so wait; everything must pass.


This season brings out the best in you, as well as the most neurotic side of you. In fact, you might surprise yourself, especially in romance. You scream true love at the top of your lungs, trust it, because no one is going to hurt you. You are safe during this season.


Memories have a way of coming back to haunt you during the Capricorn season, and the effect of this sign on you will make you feel like introspection and even a little melancholy. You will reach out to old friends during this period, friends who might not want to hear from you. Hang in there and trust your gut. You know who the king is!

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It’s not your season at all, Virgo, and the holy fumes will let everyone know. You are very particular about celebrations and Capricorn really works your last nerve when it comes to the behaviour and customs of others. You could just win the “Most Intolerant Person of the Year” award.


It’s just another day for you, Libra, as you shrug your shoulders wondering what’s wrong. Capricorn has a way to bring out your apathy. You might very well end up being one of those people who sleep during the winter months. Although your apathy may be the result of a deeper problem, Capricorn will keep you numb and away from social obligations.


You like to ride with things and, in general, little bothers you. Capricorn will make you plan for the future – hopeful and with a plan. You accept the idea that life is about hard work, and Capricorn emboldens you for resolutions and plans for 2020.


Ironically, it’s still Sagittarius in your mind, even if the stars speak clearly of Capricorn. But it is very you and it is very Capricorn for you to feel that it is not Capricorn that is affecting you. You will feel anxious and ready to move on to sunnier days. Even if you never get bored, you will feel impatient and anxious at this time of the year.


You are flourishing well under the influence of your own sign, Capricorn, and that means your holiday season and New Years outlook will be brimming with plans, dates, things to do and people to see. generous and well planned. Friends and family will celebrate you, as well as the holidays.


The effect of Capricorn on you during this time will greatly affect your sense of paranoia. Why didn’t they give you a gift for Christmas? Why do your kids hate you? Ugly questions like this will haunt you, whether or not there is a justification. Capricorn has a drag effect on you. You will feel overwhelmed and slowed down.


Your desire to be surrounded by friends and family will increase like never before during this cosmic transit. The persistent training force of Capricorn will make you plan, gather, cook and prepare during this period. You will love it every moment, and thanks to this universal influence, you will find many answers to the questions you will ask yourself throughout the ‘year.


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