How Cancer Shows He’s In Love With You

Saying and affirming that Cancer is a very unexpressive person with his feelings, that is to say a lie bigger than a kilometer-impossible castle high and everyone knows it.

When Cancer falls in love with someone in particular, that person will not take more than two minutes to see that the crab is dying to be part of his heart, and to take care of each and every one of his bones. It does not take a very intelligent person to guess when this happens, Cancer leaves more than enough clues to verify that what he feels is love, passion and desire for the good. From their provocative looks, to their sensual movements loaded with desire. From their displays of affection and generosity, to their selfless actions to build happiness in the environment.

When Cancer falls in love with someone for real, no words are necessary.

You do not need facts, or evidence that has to certify it. It is something that you can tell just by looking very carefully into their eyes. The protective instinct that comes from within, makes him be a guardian with everything he wants. It makes her a very jealous person of her own and a very lioness when it comes to protecting the heart of the person she loves. Without a doubt, Cancer is the person who feels it the most. It is the heart that suffers the most when it does not go well and it is the soul that most enjoys when it sees that it can have the opportunity to truly make someone very special happy. The phrase “for you I would kill and for you I would leave everything” is very typical of novels with a mini dramatic point, but in the case of Cancer it is totally true.

The crab is capable of everything to protect, care for and pamper its partner. Capable of unimaginable things by keeping what he loves most safe, reaching limits that very few people would reach. Cancer is like that, “a mama bear” when it comes to defending what she wants most in this world. Love love, love to love and love to truly fall in love.


How Cancer Shows He's In Love With You

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