“Relationships are beautiful. This decision for one another is a huge gift, but there is also work behind it. “

You get to know each other in a long-term relationship. With all strengths and weaknesses. You discover sides that make you fall in love even more and sometimes peculiarities come out that make you want to get out of your skin.

Relationships always develop differently from what you imagine. It is incredibly important to accept your partner for who he / she is – with all the rough edges. Respect and appreciation are central values ​​for us – away from the thought “how should he / she be” and just let the person be themselves. The wonderful thing about a partnership is that it always remains exciting. There are always new challenges that we can face together . That welds together incredibly and strengthens trust in one another. You develop together.

Relationships are beautiful. This decision for one another is a huge gift, but there is also work behind it. In the best relationship, it can always happen that both of them are stressed, angry, or stubborn and just not feeling well. When you live together for a long time, you know that the other is there. Even if you don’t work that way yourself. Being together is often winding and challenging phases come in waves. But even when things go downhill, you don’t have to stop.

Routine occurs in the course of a relationship. This is practical for some processes, but it is important that it always remains exciting in a certain way, that you look for and find magical moments. In everyday life, we are confronted with busy schedules without having planned time for the relationship.

For a healthy relationship, it is important to regularly bring in a breath of fresh air and revitalize your relationship.

What helps us are little adventures. Conscious date nights, traveling, trying out a new sport. Simply experience something new and master the situations together. This is teamwork and creates an incredible bond. Anyone can find micro-adventures to bring their relationship back to life.

We are often told that we always look happy. As a couple, we’ve basically always been happy. Because ups and downs are simply part of being happy. If we are going through bad times, it is because we haven’t had enough time for each other and have stopped telling each other how we are really doing. This is usually slow and creeping. You are focused on yourself, you move away and lose sight of what is preoccupying the other. Then it’s time to take a break and actively find each other again. You have to learn to consciously approach each other again and again, to listen to the other and to tell yourself how you are. – In all honesty, with everything that goes with it.

In general, it is important that there are affection people with whom you can talk about problems. And sometimes it’s good when a neutral person takes a look – as an additional pillar to family, friends and partners. Regardless of whether it concerns the relationship or just yourself. The relationship can only work if both are well. Close people cannot always fully understand problems as they are currently being experienced. There are experts with professional training who use their expertise and outside perspective to help you understand problems. Through such conversations one can recognize completely different sides of oneself, understand the other better and thus find one another again.

Our vision is that at the age of 80 we will walk through the park holding hands. Then there will be other issues that concern us. But we would like us to shoulder this backpack together. Going through life as a couple, being able to really rely on each other, forming a real team and knowing that you are not on your own.


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