New year, new happiness – new me! In January we make all plans for how we can actually implement our resolutions and how we can become a better version of ourselves. This also includes making it clear to us what we will focus on in 2020.

And according to the horoscope, this varies from the zodiac to zodiac. What should you focus on this year?

Annual Horoscope: What 2020 should be your focus – according to the zodiac sign

Aries: line

In 2020 you will become the leader – at least the stars are good for it, but of course, you still need a little initiative. You should take responsibility as often as possible this year, in every area: take on important tasks in a managerial position at work, and also not be afraid of announcements in friends and relationships. And you will see: Your commitment takes you to completely new levels.

Taurus: adventure

Anyone can plan, but spontaneity is the premier class. Try to embark on adventures this year, not sticking to plans strictly, and sometimes doing crazy things that don’t really fit you. This applies to activities such as vacations, but also to your social contacts and your professional situation: spontaneity brings a breath of fresh air to your relationship and could lead you to a completely new job …

Gemini: change

Sure, why should you change something when everything is going well? However, you also don’t know if things might get even better if you try something new. And that’s exactly what you should do in 2020! Starting with how you treat yourself to your loved ones: Unlike usual, this year you should start to open up a little more, share your insecurities – and thus create an even deeper connection to your fellow human beings.

Cancer: relationships

Whether romantic or purely platonic: this year your focus should be on your social contacts. What kind of friend are you? What do you want to be You should also investigate which friendships you may not invest enough time and effort in and which ones may be one-sided. Likewise with romantic relationships: who is good for you and how do you make this person happy?

Leo: minimalism

As a wild lion, you like to make an elephant out of a mosquito. That’s exactly what you should avoid in 2020: try to simplify things instead of complicating them. This includes how to deal with situations, for example, a dispute, but also to properly revise your diary – and to delete unnecessary appointments. That would do you good!

Virgo: creative and romantic expression

The analytical, logical part of your brain is constantly active. But what about the creative, playful part? Just because you are a virgin is not non-existent. This year, everything should be about expressing your creativity, but also a romantic side. You can also benefit tremendously from this: You give your work a very special finish with an innovative twist and your romantic relationship reaches a new level of intimacy.

Libra: at home

What does home mean to you? Is it your apartment, your backpack when traveling or maybe even a specific person? No matter what your answer is: Having a place where you feel comfortable, safe and just like yourself is important and healthy for all areas of life. Find out what your place looks like, how you can make it even more beautiful and perfect.

Scorpio: networking

A good network is half the battle in the job – but also in many other areas! After all, a good relationship with different people can open up many new opportunities – from a new job to gaining a much sought-after apartment or even a new relationship. Therefore, in 2020 you should unpack all your communication skills and connect as much as possible.

Sagittarius: Financial security

Yawn! Taking care of your finances sounds pretty boring at first. But it is worth the effort! If you really take your time this year and concentrate on saving and creating a small financial cushion, your future self will thank you. And you can still spend the money next year.

Capricorn: individuality

Of course, there is (often) a reason for rules. But rules are also there to break them. The point is not to rebel on hell come out, but to listen to yourself: this year you should take new paths if you think they are right. Trust yourself and listen to your instinct when it comes to how certain things are done. New ideas can lead to great success.

Aquarius: healing

You, dear Aquarius, belong to the zodiac signs that rarely concentrate on themselves. This sometimes leaves your feelings a bit behind – even if you don’t want to admit it. Take care of your inner self this year, try to heal old injuries and take care of yourself and your emotions. You deserve it! You also benefit from it in all areas of life, believe me …

Pisces: community

In 2020, you should pay attention to the people around you. Is there a group in which you feel particularly comfortable? Or do you have no real circle of friends? Then join existing communities: sports groups, volunteer work – there are many ways to create new circles. A community can give you security and a lot of support. And who doesn’t want that?


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