Some people just don’t make you smart, no matter how long you’ve known them. Why is that? Well, on her horoscope. We’ll tell you which six zodiac signs never show their true faces.

Horoscope: These 6 zodiac signs never show their true face


Twins long for closeness and affection, but are not ready to show it openly! Your partner will never really know how much he is loved by the air sign. The twin gives a few signals, but you can never be really sure with him.


Once you ‘ve gotten lost in cancer, it’s unfortunately pretty difficult to regain your trust. Even if he may forgive you, he will never be forgotten. He’s still pissed off behind his facade.


Even with the earth sign you never know exactly where you are. One might think that the virgin always says everything directly in the face – but she doesn’t. She often feels superior to her counterpart and likes to unsettle her environment with her sharp statements. Unfortunately, it always remains unclear whether the virgin likes you or not.


At first glance, it seems to be super relaxed with the scales, there are hardly any disputes and differences of opinion. But that’s because she never shows her true self and only ever tells people what they want to hear.


Why does Aquarius always hide his real self? Because he makes himself vulnerable. If he puts his trust in a person, he can be hurt, and he wants to avoid that at all costs. Even in front of his best friends, the air sign can hardly reveal his true feelings.


Pisces is a very emotional zodiac sign and actually have no problem showing their feelings. But we are talking about loving feelings. They would never admit if they were pissed off or offended. They prefer to sulk and eat their anger into themselves.


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