Let’s be honest: Who of us doesn’t want a real gentleman by his side? The best example of this is Prince Harry. A few days ago, he gently held the umbrella over his Meghan. Hach … How romantic. But also quite logical, after all, he is predestined to do so as a virgin. Our horoscope reveals which other zodiac signs also have real gentleman qualities.

Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs are real gentlemen

1. Cancer

If someone shows up on a date with a bouquet of flowers and moves your chair around while eating, it can only be a sign of the zodiac: Cancer. The watermark is a real romantic and loves harmonious relationships. That’s why he does everything to make his partner feel comfortable.

2. Virgo

Men with the zodiac sign Virgo are true gentlemen and read their every wish from the eyes of their loved ones. Meghan knows that, too, who always shines on Prince Harry with both ears. For the earth sign, it is extremely important that his partner can drop and the virgin does everything.

3. Pisces

If the fish is not a real gentleman, we don’t know either. He is romantic, dreamy and always makes sure that his partner is doing well. Regardless of whether he holds the door open or brings his favorite ice cream from the supermarket – every lady feels valued and loved by the zodiac sign of fish.


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