What girl in childhood does not dream of becoming a princess. From generation to generation, young ladies try on the image of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, then the adventurer and hooligan – Mulan. And these preferences arise for a reason, because each fairy-tale heroine was drawn from a real psychotype.

Aries – Vanilla

Do not anger the Aries woman, otherwise she will turn from a sensible lady into a little capricious girl. In this mood, she, like Vanilope from the cartoon “Ralph”, will do such things … then even the most frightening will be. And do not expect an apology for what Aries has said or done: firstly, they themselves are to blame for making her angry; secondly, it was not Aries, but a bad mood, so the bribes are smooth. And the rest she is cute, dancing and singing, she is friends with princesses.

Taurus – Rapunzel

A typical Taurus woman is good-natured and patient, but right up to the moment when everything goes as she planned. As soon as someone steps on her braid, wait for trouble – legends go about the stubbornness and perseverance of this zodiac sign. They are like that Rapunzel, who wanted to get rid of the hair dear to her heart for the sake of freedom, having learned that the evil sorceress had tricked her into the tower. The Taurus woman is also ready for anything, just to get what she wants.

Gemini – Jasmine

The Twin Woman seeks adventure on her own head in the same way as Jasmine from Aladdin. This zodiac sign is ready to risk everything for the sake of vivid impressions, for Gemini changing plans ten times a day and five Fridays a week is a common thing. And let the groom match them to be fun with him, not boring and a holiday every day. The twins, like Jasmine, would prefer a promising young merry-man, rather than the old wealthy sultan.

Cancer – Megara

Cancer woman’s feelings and emotions are more important than the arguments of the mind. The representatives of the sign know about their Achilles heel, but they can not do anything about it. Remember how upset Megara was that Hercules decided to capture Olympus without her, and then was surprised when he renounced immortality in order to stay with her. But he probably knew that from a woman-Cancer, that is, Megara, he would get an ideal wife – caring and faithful.

Leo – Merida

The female Lion will give a lot to be in the spotlight. Merida from the animated film “Bravehearted” did it very well, at least due to a sheaf of bright red hair. The lioness also knows a lot about blowing dust into her eyes, and uses for this not only her appearance. She is sociable, skillfully makes the necessary acquaintances and derives the maximum benefit from them. On the way to the goal, it cannot be stopped, as, indeed, Merida.

Virgo – Snow

White If we had a battle of perfectionists and neat people here, it is still unclear who would get the first place – Snow White or the Virgo woman. Both of them are able to start cleaning in a strange house, and not so that the evil gnomes do not put out on the street, but for happiness and pleasure (for sure, what could be more pleasant than a general cleaning in a hut full of garbage). And she can change anyone for the better – at least a prince, at least not a prince.

Libra – Pocahontas

Pocahontas fought for justice, and the Libra woman can do that too. Representatives of this zodiac sign treat everyone the same way – that of people, that of animals, that of trees. Scales in the “basic configuration” also do not judge anyone by their clothes, but prefer to wait for actions, and only then throw stones. And in fairness, what kind of stones are there, because Libra will always find a million “because” why they should not be scattered.

Scorpio – Elsa

Scorpio woman – spilled Elsa. Passionate and impulsive, she will make a decision in five seconds, and then she will regret it, after years, but what’s the point. This zodiac sign also likes to draw wrong conclusions and scatter around people, then to sit alone in a corner and look at the world from underneath. And the rest, Scorpio cuties are vulnerable, kind and caring (just do not poke your fingers into them, otherwise you will remain without hands).

Sagittarius – Mulan

Sagittarius Woman – spilled Mulan. Who, if not she, without hesitation, will gallop on a horse (or better, on a dragon) to fight the forces of evil for distant lands. The remaining signs of the zodiac will be preferred, if you don’t think about it, then at least sit down on the track, and you won’t have to jump anywhere – Sagittarius will destroy it all. The unwritten motto of any self-respecting Sagittarius: “War is garbage, the main thing is maneuvers,” because living quietly and calmly is unbearably boring.

Capricorn – Tiana

The Capricorn woman is practical, hardworking and disciplined – exactly the same as Tiana from the cartoon “The Princess and the Frog.” That day and night she worked as a waitress to open her own restaurant, and Capricorn can do that too. Indeed, for this zodiac sign, career is the meaning of life. The only pity is that in the life of Capricorns does not happen, as in cartoons. If only they often came across frogs, which eventually turn into beautiful princes.

Aquarius – Belle

Belle from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” was not confused by either the Prince’s increased hairiness or his unbearable character. Intelligence in his eyes is visible, well, okay. The Aquarius woman treats grooms exactly like Belle – she doesn’t look for them on purpose, but she doesn’t scatter them, since she’s nailed to the house. And the unfortunate monsters sooner or later turn into princes – they cannot get away from tenacious paws (yes) of Aquarius.

Pisces – Ariel

Ariel loved to dream and fantasize, and Pisces is also very fond of it. Don’t feed them bread, let’s just sit on a stone and dream about a beautiful prince on a white horse who will ride and save them from all life’s misfortunes. The main trouble of this sign is that their dreams rarely become true. Pisces, unlike our Ariel, are unlikely to decide to go to an evil witch to exchange their angelic voice on their feet or what they lack for happiness.

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