There are far fewer princes in Disney cartoons than princesses. But we thought, why are the other characters worse? Perhaps they are even better, because often the blood princes were only a “background” for the main characters, “Disney princesses . ”

Aries – The Beast, Prince Adam

The frantic beast from Beauty and the Beast is simply the spilt Aries. Problems with anger and self-control, sometimes behaving like an unreasonable child … But he is honest and courageous, and ready for feats without claiming a reward. He is aware that he is a “monster.” But somewhere there, inside him, lies a beautiful prince. You only need to look deeper – and he will be transformed before our eyes, turning into a faithful and faithful friend.

Taurus – Ralph

Ralph is a big bruiser designed to ruin houses. One can only admire his patience. 30 years to do what you do not even like, but it is necessary – perhaps only Taurus can do it. Taurus loves comfort, so the need to sleep in a landfill of bricks sooner or later will be the last straw. When Taurus’s patience finally bursts, he blows the roof. And standing on the path of an angry Taurus is not a good idea at all … At the same time, he is kind and affectionate in his soul. And very stubborn. Just like Ralph.


Gemini – Prince Naveen

Admire – this is Prince Naveen. Who loves the holidays, loves to sing and dance, is always in the center of events? This is about him! He is frivolous and resourceful, irresponsible and responsive, charming and kind … Yes, this is an exact portrait of Gemini! And it does not matter that Navin spent most of the cartoon in the form of a frog. Even the green and croaking representative of this sign will be able to get out of any mess and fulfill his dream.

Cancer – Tarzan

Crayfish is such a thing in itself, very closed companions. And the main thing in their life is the family, even if they do not always admit it. The whole history of Tarzan, by and large, is about family values. For the sake of the family, he will do anything. And it doesn’t matter that your family is a gorilla. For Cancer, they are still the most important and the best. This attitude would be worth a lot to many.

Leo – Maui

Maui is not even a prince – he is a legendary demigod. It cannot be broken. Peerless Maui – no doubt, Leo. And pride, and become, and confidence, and strength, and … narcissism, where without it. His deeds are great, and failures are fatal. But, like any Leo, Maui will always find a way out of the situation and at the same time remain inimitable and magnificent.

Virgo – Cogsworth

If it were a selection of Soviet cartoons, then Virgin would, of course, be Moidodyr – with his indestructible desire for order and cleanliness. But for Snow White or Cinderella, who are famous for their cleanliness, Moidodyr is not the most suitable couple. He is still a washstand. Therefore, their “cavalier” is Cogsworth, the butler of the Beast. So what if, in an enchanted form, his best friend is a restless candlestick, and he himself is a watch. But he has all the spoons on the line go!

Libra – Hercules

Hercules, like true Libra, seeks himself, seeks justice, and always doubts. Am I right? But have I made a mistake? Or maybe it was worth doing otherwise? However, if your mentor is a satyr, and your uncle is the god of the underworld, who regularly tries to kill you, there will be nothing to doubt. Libra is very important to do the right thing and to achieve their goal, and Hercules is just that. In the end, not everyone will become a hero, go to hell, and then refuse to ascend to Olympus, simply because he believes that this is right.


Scorpio – John Silver

Smart, cunning, dodgy. Weaving nothing intrigues him; he does not stop at nothing on the way to his goal. Well, almost nothing. Because cyborg John Silver nothing human is alien. He may be at enmity with a man who has become a close friend to him, but in a critical situation, Scorpio will choose not treasures, but save the life of this very friend. However, we know that in any case, Scorpio will not be left out of the way, and a handful of rubies in his pocket will still settle. As lifting to achieve a new goal.

Sagittarius – Jim Hawkins

Jim – and if you call him by his full name, then James Pleiadus Hawkins is a classic Sagittarius, a desperate adventurer, adventurer and lover of fairy tales. He does not sit still, every moment and pulls to climb where to climb, according to prudent people, should not be under any circumstances. Resourceful and quick-witted, no obstacles will stop him. Jim will come to a dream, and it will become only a stage in his life – for others will certainly come to fulfill this dream.

Capricorn – Lee Shang

Captain Lee Shang, the son of a commander, does not pursue an unrealizable one – he stands firmly on his feet, adheres to the rules. Any army would envy the methodicality with which it trains recruits. Capricorns – they are. They are conservative and move, perhaps not the fastest step, but inevitable, as fate itself. Only a girl dressed as a man can confuse them. And even that – not so long.

Aquarius – Flynn Rider

Another adventurer. Running from boredom, not afraid to get into trouble, charming and able to quickly make decisions. Maybe they are not always successful, but with his sharp mind he will still get out. You think why he decided to stay with Rapunzel? Crown attracted? No matter how – just not boring with her. She knows how to surprise, but Aquarius only needs this – in order to live it was interesting.

Pisces – Milo Thatch

Milo – not from this world, is in the clouds, chasing fantasies. How does it look like Pisces, right? People around him consider him strange, and the ideas with which he dreams are completely stupid. Such a crazy scientist with round glasses, who is haunted by troubles and minor troubles. But when he is surrounded by like-minded people and friends, he is truly revealed. It is always like that with Pisces: only when they meet support do they become capable of much.

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