Love is one of the most beautiful pleasures in the world. But if you engage emotionally with your partner, you are more vulnerable. What is normal for some zodiac signs turns out to be a real challenge for others. However, one thing is certain: each of us has certain concerns and fears when it comes to a serious affair. Our horoscope knows which these are.

Horoscope: Intimacy problems – your zodiac sign is most afraid of this in a relationship

1. Aries

Aries are determined to do their own thing. They prefer to solve their problems on their own and do not simply let people approach them. Eventually, they become vulnerable to emotions. But open communication is the key to happiness.

2. Taurus

Once the bull has gotten into a relationship, it’s forever! Because the earth sign hates change the most. That is why he does everything to maintain his relationship. But don’t worry, sometimes changes are also a good thing.

3. Gemini

For the twin, boredom and routine are the worst. He is constantly on the move and does not last long in one place. That is why it is so difficult for him to build a deep relationship and stay in it. He is always afraid to miss something better.

4. Cancer

Cancer shows its emotions more often than it likes. Once he has revealed his emotional world, he is of course vulnerable. The cancer is very afraid that its feelings will be  hurt, because it cannot deal with such setbacks.

5. Leo

In a relationship, not everything is always pink. There are conflicts and differences of opinion and that is exactly what the lion does not like. He always wants to be right. It is difficult for him to give up control.

6. Virgo

The virgin always wants to do everything right – especially in her relationship. She fears that if she isn’t 100 percent perfect, her partner won’t like her anymore. That’s why she always goes full throttle and doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. That can annoy the partner quite a bit.

7. Libra

With the scale, everything must always run smoothly and harmoniously. The air sign doesn’t like conflicts and arguments at all. That’s why relationship problems like to sweep under the carpet. But be careful! Conflicts can swing up in secret until the bomb bursts.

8. Scorpio

The scorpion has to learn to fully trust its partner. His jealousy can quickly become an obstacle in a relationship. Because it drives not only the scorpion , but also his loved ones quickly madness.

9. Sagittarius

No one is more freedom-loving than the shooter . That’s why he can hardly get involved in a relationship. If he did it, he is afraid of falling into a relationship troubles. Boredom is at the top of the zodiac’s no-go list.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn must always be strong in a relationship. He constantly wants to make his partner know that everything is going well with him and that he is doing well. But only when you show your partner your vulnerability will the relationship become serious and profound.

11. Aquarius

The air sign has a hard time getting involved in a relationship. Aquarius is afraid of losing his freedom if he gives himself up to a person. He is often reserved and cool and holds back his true self.

12. Pisces

The fish is extremely scared of being left alone. That’s why he always tries to please his partner and put his needs behind. But in the long run that doesn’t work well, because the fish’s self-esteem slips ever deeper into the basement.


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