Horoscope: 2021 will be a year of love for these 5 zodiac signs

It is autumn and the year is slowly but surely coming to an end. What awaits us in 2021 is uncertain, but one thing is certain: it will be a year of love for these zodiac signs

Do you belong to the five zodiac signs?

1. Libra

The zodiac sign Libra awaits a year full of ups and downs when it comes to love. Libra will be able to open up to many people and enjoy life to the full-on celebrations, excursions, and short trips. Not only can real friendships develop, but more too. If Libra already has a partner, the chances for the next step in 2021 are very good. That could be a wedding or moving in together. With single Libra, now is the time to meet someone. No matter what is going on in Libra’s love life over the next year, they should definitely stay relaxed and take things as they come. By the way: There can be special crackling between her and an Aquarius. The chances are good!

2. Taurus

The Taurus can also make many new friends in the next year, but he has to hold back a little with his stubbornness. Tensions could also arise in February, June, late September, and early October. He should avoid misunderstandings and address things immediately and openly. In March and April, Taurus has a wonderful time in love. These months are full of togetherness and romance. In May, however, he could be disappointed, but if the Taurus is always focused on remaining open and not running after anyone, intense encounters and great acquaintances are waiting for him. It could spark in 2021 especially with a person born under the zodiac sign Cancer!

3. Gemini

The twins-Horoscope for 2021 is mainly characterized by new encounters and a lot of time with friends. However, everyday stress will creep in more often and stand in the way of a good time. Twins should be careful with misunderstandings, especially in early February, June, and October! These can easily arise thanks to poor communication. Even if your love life starts well at the beginning of the year, it can get complicated. Single twins will likely stay single for a while. After this phase, however, the chances of a romantic relationship are more than good. Twins then feel so comfortable that they might even consider getting married, especially if they are given twins. Towards the end of the year, however, the demands that twins place on their partner keep increasing, which can lead to tension. Honest communication is the keyword. By the way: Especially with the zodiac sign Pisces, things can become something in 2021.

4. Sagittarius

Courage and curiosity ensure that in the New Year the Sagittarius will even approach people he would not otherwise approach. Single Sagittarius starts the year with a passionate acquaintance. Awarded Sagittarius spend a lot of time with their partner at the beginning of the year and enjoy the affection togetherness. In 2021, however, it is easy for Sagittarius to have misunderstandings between himself and his partner. People born in Sagittarius sometimes have the feeling that they cannot say anything without immediately hurting the other. Therefore, you should be clear about what you really want to say before a conversation. If the single Sagittarius meets an Aries now, it could spark.

5. Aquarius

Tension can arise in the Aquarius family, especially in February, June, November, and December. Various misunderstandings are now damaging relationships, and Aquarius has difficulty hiding his disapproval. For the remaining months, this zodiac sign can count on strong friendships that are always there to support you. Aquarius romantic relationships are not to be sniffed at in the New Year. Singles can look forward to great encounters and those who are already in a relationship will experience joy and happiness. Above all, conflicts can be ideally put out of the world and Aquarius always finds the right words.


Horoscope: 2021 will be a year of love for these 5 zodiac signs

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