You’ve been waiting a long time for him to finally make an effort and show interest in you. You held him because you loved him so much, even though you knew that this relationship was not good for you and that it would be better to let him go. Because you knew that he can never give you back the love you need.

I think that many of us have been in such a situation before. And this is one of the worst feelings a person can have. He tells you that he loves you, but you just do not feel it. You would almost say that you could hardly show less interest. 

We humans sometimes tend to prioritize those who do not want to give ourselves a place in their hearts. We do not get that love, just lame excuses or even rejections.

Then follow the excuses and justifications. Maybe he makes you promises that you know he will not comply with anyway. 

You only get empty words but no deeds. Believe me, I know how it feels. And so I want to give you some advice. 

Once you feel that he behaves as if you did not care, you should start believing in it. Forget everything he tells you. Let go of false hopes, because they will only disappoint you. You should focus solely on the efforts he is making for you. His actions are the only expression of his love for you.


Only the energy he expends on you and this relationship reflects his love for you. He should invest time and patience, and especially the things that are precious to him. Only then do you know how precious you are to him. 

You should never waste your time and run after him if he does not know what he wants. Do not wait for him to decide for you and finally know that you are the woman of his life. Do not let anything fool you. You do not have to worry about him. No, you can go your own way if he does not want you completely.

Do not forgive your heart for someone who can not even give you half of his heart. Instead, cherish yourself and move away from men who have not earned you. Because you deserve to be treated well. 

We tend to put people first who would not put us on top of the list of priorities. This must be over now! Someone who is always too busy for you and can not or does not want to take the time for you should not become your life’s content. Because that’s pure poison for you and your self-confidence. He does not love you, but only himself – as hard as it may sound.

You should decide for yourself and not for him. Start loving yourself before you love someone else. Because how else could you love someone without becoming emotionally dependent. Do not try to find your good sides and qualities, but focus on your own strengths. Your self-esteem will thank you. 

Now is the time when you should use your energy to realize yourself. Do not waste it on the people who will never return this effort and all the effort you put into it. They do not respect what you do or did for them. They only take and give nothing back. But you are not the second best choice. 


As soon as you understand this, this will also understand your environment. Then you will find a man who only has eyes for you, someone who sees the good side in you and appreciates you for it. He will always pay attention to you and will not let you doubt. He gives you his whole heart and that’s exactly what you feel.

Believe me, this man is out there and will meet you someday. You will finally think that you have found him, because he will outshine all the other men in front of him. 

You just have to stop clinging to someone who does you no good and pulls you down. Never settle for less than you really deserve. Concentrate fully on your life and take care of yourself. You deserve exactly that someone cares about you. And that should be none other than yourself. Because you owe it to yourself.

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