Leo + Aquarius

When Leo and Aquarius merge their opposing elements, they are truly a dynamic pair. Aquariums are their most eccentric and interesting self. I am comfortable being vulnerable and letting the world see them for who they really are. Lions are afraid to show others their hiding messy parts. Aquarius encourages the Lion so that people see their soft and vulnerable side.

Virgin + Fish

Virgo and Pisces bring new perspectives to each other, with a deep purpose in the acts of giving and receiving. Their excellent communication skills work well with each other, making it easier to solve any problem by finding a solution together. While the Virgin tends to live with books, Pisces embody a spiritual dreamer in search of gurus. Together, the two opposite signs have great wisdom. The Virgin illuminates the Pisces on a correct and formal label while the Pisces suggests to the Virgin that she is on a spiritual retreat and dreams big.

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus, sign of the Earth, tends to put more emphasis on his own pleasure and bask in the richness of life, while the sign of water, Scorpio, feels strongly obliged to join with one another for the sole purpose of joint strength to create a union of pleasure and indulgence. The Scorpion is able to help Taurus go out of their limited way of thinking to create a deep sense of union. At the other end, the shy nature of Taurus tells Scorpio that there is nothing wrong with passion and closeness in a relationship.

Aries + Libra

When these two are under the mutual charm, they are able to work together and create a harmonious balance between them and the others. Aries is the fiery and stubborn force, while Libra tries to approach most things with a different approach. Aries is sure to make a difference in the relationship while Libra does what it does best: think back to everything. A happy ending for this bilateral scenario would be for Libra to help Aries relax a bit and let go of the need for control all the time. Aries shows Libra all the glory involved in being the protagonists and explains how it is.

Sagittarius Gemini +

Gemini and Sagittarius will not waste time to bond with their incessant curiosity to learn more. Both signs are adventurous and dream of travelling the world. Together, life is a great endless adventure that they face together. While the twins remain focused on the minor details, Sagittarius observes the larger overall picture. Together, they are practically unstoppable.

Cancer + Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs of leadership, which creates a truly unique dynamic when together. When it comes to love and family problems, the two signs can quite easily find a common agreement. Capricorn and Cancer embody an undeniable yin-yang vibration that cannot be reproduced. What one has, the other lacks and vice versa. Capricorn tends to live with logic, facts and concrete data, while intuitive Cancer prefers to take the less scientific path. Capricorns have more difficulty expressing their emotions openly while Cancers are sensitive and romantic. Like all opposing signs, each has what the other wants.


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