Aquarius, you are a very independent person, you are a free spirit and the truth is that love is not something you expect, it just comes into your life and you receive it with open arms. You like to have your own space and that’s why you always make it clear from the start that in a relationship you both have to have your own life. When you fall in love, you take great care of that person, but you also give them all the space and respect they deserve because you want them to do the exact same thing with you. Here is what you have left to live as a couple in 2022:

In love and in all areas of life, you are a super transparent person. You show yourself as you are because you want them to love you for who you are and not try to change you. You are clear on your principles and you are not ready to abandon them. Love can be complicated because not everyone is able to understand your unique and special nature, but that’s not your problem.

The first quarter of the year, you will discover how your way of loving is completely transformed. You are going to experience pure love for someone who has come into your life to stay. It will cost you to process all your feelings because this person is going to turn your life upside down, but for the better, so don’t worry. Let yourself go as you always have and learn a new side of yourself. It is true that everything will surprise you, but you have always liked surprises, so do not miss the opportunity.

Aquarius, as the year progresses, you will be able to be more aware of all that your heart feels and you will stop putting barriers on yourself so that you can experience love as you truly deserve. You will open your eyes and stop thinking about the past to focus on the present and offer you everything you have been looking for for years. Of course, be very careful with certain people who only want to see you in misery, do not let them enter your life to poison it.

If you want all of your relationships to work, you have to make an effort and not hide any of your feelings. Do not be afraid and talk to the people you love the most about everything that is going on inside you so that you feel more liberated. You can’t keep hiding how you feel because it ultimately affects you and the people around you. Put your fears aside because not everyone approaches you with the intention of hurting you.

This 2022 surrounding yourself with someone like Libra can help you see life from another perspective. His open mind will respect your space at all times, but he will also help you open up and speak from the depths of your heart. On the other hand, stay away from someone like Virgo, because all that constructive criticism will only make you do things you don’t want just to impress others.


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