Here’s What It’s Transformed After You Broke It

She loved you and you broke her. Rather than embellish your life to both by giving it love, you chose the option

reverse. And that sucks. You know why ? She was abandoned.

She did nothing to deserve what you did to her. But unfortunately, she was not one of those who avoid bullets.

You touched her in the heart. Neither higher nor lower. And she broke into a thousand pieces.

The list of things you have done to him is so long that one can not help wondering: do you feed on the suffering of others?

Does seeing someone on the ground make you happy? Are you happy with yourself when you reach and touch the weakest point of a person?

You did not worry about what would remain of her once you were done.

You never stopped for a second to think of how your terrible acts were going to affect her, she who wanted only one thing: to be there for you and to love you.

Is there anything worse in the world than seeing a girl falling in love with a bad man and then becoming another after being broken by the same man who was supposed to love her?

After a heartbreak, we all change. But after being broken, we change completely.

Because the lessons learned are lodged in our mind forever. And you can never part with it.

You turned her into someone who no longer trusts anyone.

Because she trusted you and looked where she led.

If she had been a little bit smarter, if she had not bet everything on you from the beginning, if she had not assumed you were a good guy, she would not be broken today. But she is.

And that’s why now she does not trust anyone anymore. She always has a foot outside …

Since you broke her, she does not have the heart on her hand anymore.

From now on, she protects her heart and all her resources. She has erected walls so high that nothing can bring them down.

It will take a very long time for him to think of letting anyone in. But it must still happen here.

Now she knows she can only rely on her.

She was counting on you and you cut the grass under her foot. You proved to her that she could not trust anyone.

But worst of all, she saw that even if she gave her whole soul to someone, it did not mean that this person would be there for her.

You proved to her that the only person who would never let her down was herself.

She scratched the love of her wishlist.

It was his ultimate wish, you know. But she does not want love anymore. Because you proved to him that love hurts.

You showed him the dark side of love. And now, she sees love only through your prism. And it’s terrible.

That’s why she said goodbye to love. She does not want to love or be loved anymore. This chapter of his life is closed and maybe even for good.

She learned to laugh even when she wanted to scream. She learned to smile even though everything in her was broken.

She had never been great at hiding her feelings. But here, life educates us even about things we would rather not know.

From now on, she stifles her feelings. She does not show anyone how she feels.

When she wants to scream, she just laughs. When she feels broken, she just smiles.

Because if she lets herself go, she is afraid of breaking into a million pieces and not being able to pull herself together again.

She hates the phrase “I’m fine” but after you, she says nothing more than that.

It does not allow anyone to see his feelings. She says she’s fine.

But this “good” is millions of feelings, thousands of tears and immense sorrow. She is anything but good even if she will never admit it.

She was the most adorable person in the world. The happiest. She thought everyone was good in him and that love was able to save the world.

But you proved him the opposite. You proved to him that his love was not strong enough to fight someone as bad as you.

And you turned her into one of those people she had prayed to God never to become.

You turned it into an empty body. She walks, she speaks, she breathes and she eats but she has no soul.

She has no more love in her. She is cold. There is no more heat in his veins.

There is no more happiness or sincere smiles. With you, she lost all that.

You dragged her into your darkness and then when there was no light in her, you left her.

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