Desire: to have all the possibilities to realize your dreams. You know how much your safety and your energy are worth and you will pursue your dreams with passion, but only if you are convinced. Need: pursue what you want and pursue it. 2020 will bring some balance to your chaotic life and there will be ways to do it. But you have to be ready to grab life for … uh, horns.


Desire: get a full commitment, in any way possible. You yearn for stability and you feel like you are in the right place in your life to finally calm down, you want to have proof of what is going to calm you down. Need: decide what you want, don’t just settle for that. 2020 promises to be a year of confirmation and firmness for you. Commitments will be made, but you need to know what you want, not what you think you want.


Desire: try everything imaginable. Your mind is running out with new things to do and new places to go and as the New Year approaches, you chew your lips, you want to get the green light on everything. Need: stimulate yourself and benefit from what comes from you. Always follow and reach what you want. 2020 is ready to give you so much, but it’s coming to you. Do not dominate yourself and do not deny yourself. Accept what belongs to you, it is yours.


Desire: you want things to be constant and reliable. You believe you are at your best when everything in your life is calm and unchanged. You want your life to stay essentially the same, or at least have something/someone you can count on without thinking twice. Need: prepare for change and seize new possibilities. 2020 is ready to shake up your world. You will be given countless doors to open and explore, but what you do with them is up to you. You may be surprised by what awaits you on the other side of your safety zone.


Desire: achieve all of your goals. You have worked hard and you become impatient for the time it takes to see the final results. You want 2020 to be your year, and by that, you mean your year of positive results. Need: be responsible for how to achieve this goal. 2020 will be great for you. You will feel more motivated than ever, but instead of letting go, you have to be smart. If you can stay in control, you will get what you want.


Desire: stick to the plan no matter what. Know yourself and how your life tends to go, but you also know where you want it to go. For a while, you have researched and perfected your life goals and are determined to make sure that you follow every piece of it. Need: take the time to understand the best choices to make. 2020 is trying to get you out of your safety zone and make you impulsive. You will not like it and you will try so much to adapt, but you must relax, think about your choices and not commit yourself only to control your life.


Desire: to be completely carefree and open to new possibilities. You felt rather tied up late and want next year to give you wings rather than roots. Your desire is to focus on what you want and not be afraid to explore it. Need: kiss, don’t forget the relationships in your life that are constant: parents, spouses, children. 2020 will be light and open. You will want to get lost, you have had a lot to do. But don’t forget the people who are part of your life. Spend time with them too.


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