Aries has a hard time forgiving people who ignore them. If someone wants to break with Aries, that’s fine, but you have to have the decency to let them know. Send them an SMS, answer their call or message, but don’t go away. Aries does not appreciate wasting time without knowing what is going on.


Taurus finds it hard to forgive people who ridicule him. You can disagree with them, even challenge them, but don’t let Taurus pass for an idiot. Don’t joke about them in an embarrassing way. The worst thing you can do is to tell them about the mistakes they made repeatedly in front of other people. If you have constructive criticism of them, let them know appropriately, not in a way that humiliates them.


Gemini finds it hard to forgive people who are negative and pessimistic about what they are doing. They know that all the ideas they have are not great, but they don’t appreciate it when someone tramples on their idea and never believes in their talents or abilities. If you don’t trust Gemini, the twins won’t forgive you.


Cancer has a hard time forgiving people who have hurt their families. They tend to be fiercely protective and if someone hurts their loved ones, they will make them pay for it. Now, this does not mean that if someone harms Cancer directly, he will be easily forgiven, but that it is easier to forgive someone who has hurt his family.


Lions struggle to forgive disrespect. They tend to be leaders because they are loyal, charismatic, and really care about people. Is it one thing not to follow the Lion, but to disrespect him? It is not good at all. No matter how much anyone can do to be forgiven and show respect and admiration, there is no hope that Lion will ever forgive them.


Virgins have a hard time forgiving people who underestimate them. They go beyond skills: they are able to solve almost all problems, to solve breaks and if they do not know something, they will know where to find the answer. If someone does not appreciate the Virgin but knows her value, she will never forgive her, even if that person would realize how wrong she was.


Libra finds it hard to forgive someone or a group who rejects them. They will remain attached to their animosity until the end, even if they know that by not forgiving they only hurt themselves. Balances try to be wonderful friends, so when they are betrayed by a friend, they will never forget what they felt. If the friend returns and wants to restore friendship, Libra will have no wishes.


Scorpions are known to have a real problem forgiving people who betray them. Do not cheat a Scorpion, try to deceive him or choose someone else for him or you will be blacklisted. If the Scorpion is angry, forgiving the traitor may not be enough. They will surely want revenge.


Sagittarians find it difficult to forgive wickedness of any kind. If someone is bad or not kind to a human or animal, Sagittarius will probably never forgive them. Sagittarius cannot accept someone who is mean or who does hateful things to hurt others. It would take a miracle to forgive someone like that.


Capricorns find it hard to forgive manipulators or people who try to get them to do things they don’t want to do. Their intentions should be positive for Capricorn just to forgive them. They tend to believe that the manipulators are dangerous and have no redeeming qualities, and therefore they deserve absolutely no forgiveness.


Aquarius has a hard time forgiving disloyal people. If you challenge Aquarius twice, chances are it will stop talking to you. Aquarius wants people in their lives to have big shoulders and show that they can count on them. When someone has proven to be untrustworthy and untrustworthy, they will not want to waste another minute in their presence.


Pisces find it hard to forgive people who still criticize them. They know they are not perfect, but making negative comments about them is helpful. If a Pisces has asked for opinions, he wants them in the most positive and favourable way possible, and he does not wish to receive harsh criticism. If someone attacks the Pisces verbally and lists all their faults, it is very likely that they will never forgive.


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