Admit it, revenge is never good. However, we are only human beings, and sometimes we can not fight the urge to take revenge on someone who has broken our hearts, especially when it comes to our ex.

Here’s how to make him suffer according to his astrological sign.


You will hurt Aries most if you contradict his opinions. Do not let things happen the way he wants, and for once, defend yourself.

Do not let things happen the way he wants, and for once, defend yourself.

In no time, your behavior will drive him crazy because a Aries does not support not being in control.


The best way to give the coin to a Bull is to make him see that you are interested in someone else.

It is the astrological sign that does not support that his girlfriend looks at another man, let alone flirts with him.


If you want to hurt a Gemini, do your best to belittle his intelligence.

This guy has the uncontrollable need to be the smartest person in the room, and when you take that away from him, you take away his self-confidence.

Another thing that no Gemini can handle is not to be interesting enough. Make sure he thinks you find him boring and he will be devastated.


The way to take revenge on Cancer is to ask for more personal space.

This sign will be deeply offended if you show him that he asks too much and is too sticky.


You will hurt a Lion as soon as you show him that you are better than him in something.

It’s the man who can not bear not to be number one, and as soon as he sees that his girlfriend is more successful than him, his ego bursts like a bubble.


If you are looking for an effective way to hurt a Virgo man who has made you suffer, the best thing you can do is show him that he has no control over you.

Let him know that you are not a project he can arrange as he wants and that he can not give you orders.


The best way to hurt a Libra man is to behave like a drama queen.

He’s the guy who rarely confronts you about anything because he despises arguments.

Well, it’s time to turn the situation around and start picking your battles whenever you get the chance.


Causing harm to a Scorpion is quite simple: just make it jealous. No, you do not have to mislead to get what you want.

You just have to question him a little and let him wonder if another man exists in your life or in your head.


Sagittarius can not stand being rejected, and he sees it as a personal defeat.

So, the best way to hurt him is to tell him clearly that you’re no longer fond of him.

Knowing that you do not want him anymore, he will surely feel exactly the same as you felt when he broke your heart.


To hurt a Capricorn, you have to make him believe that you have not yet recovered from your ex.

The important thing is to make him feel like he’s second best in your life because there’s nothing that could ruin him further.


To leave without closure is cruel and unfair. However, when an Aquarian man breaks your heart, dropping him without explanation is exactly what you need to do to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Let him wonder what went wrong, and you will accomplish your goal of destroying it emotionally.


Pisces are a sensitive sign that does not support the feeling of not being loved and desired.

Therefore, the best way to hurt this guy is to suddenly give him the cold shoulder.

Instead of breaking with him as soon as he hurts you, have him beg for him to catch your attention again.


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