Aries: July

Your biggest problem will be Mercury retrograde early this month.
It will bring a lot of tension and conflict into your life that you won’t get rid of so easily.
Usually, summer brings happiness and relaxation, but you are going to experience the dark side of this month that you have never seen before.

Taurus: December

The holidays are approaching, but this year you don’t have much to look forward to.
It will be an emotionally difficult time for almost everyone, but you are going to have it worse than anyone else.
Your relationships with other people, both romantic and friendly, are going to cause a lot of trouble.
You won’t have the strength to handle most of them, especially the ties you have in your workplace.

Gemini: February

Your anxiety and your tendency to overthink will explode this month.
Just as you thought you had gotten to the point where you could rule with your mind, it will happen. Making decisions in February will not be an easy task for you.
Usually you are very prone to manipulation and it is very easy to change your opinion into something else.
This will be used against you in February 2022.

Cancer: March

Your problems will be caused by Mercury retrograde in Pisces which will turn this month into a heartbreaking one.
If you’ve been lucky in love so far, March will set you back on everything you’ve done so far.
This month, forget about making any type of progress in dating or any type of relationship in general.
Put your love life on hold and wait for better days.

Leo: July

It will be quite difficult, especially since it is the month when you celebrate your birthday.
It’s not so comforting to know that the worst month of the coming year is exactly the month you were born, but at least it pays to know so you can prepare.
Nevertheless, don’t worry. Despite Mercury retrograde causing a mess in your life this month, you will be fine.
At least the rest of your year will turn out to be peaceful and great.

Virgo: March

Mercury retrograde in Pisces will ruin everyone’s plans. Some will be hit harder and others more easily.
You are not so lucky to just get through this month. You will certainly worry more this month than the others.
You are going to have to work twice as hard as anyone else for something you want to achieve.
This is especially true when it comes to relationships. A word of advice: don’t let your frustrations control you.

Libra: February

The presence of Pluto will have a negative effect on you at the start of the year.
That’s why February is crisis month for you. Your problems will not be related to love or any kind of relationship.
You are going to have inner struggles. Mood swings will definitely drive you crazy.
While you’re desperately searching for answers, don’t be surprised if you don’t find any.
February is that month for you where you are going to feel lost and confused most of the time.

Scorpio: July

Like some other zodiac signs, you also face some challenges in July.
Don’t let your spirits drop because this is the only bad time you will have until the next New Year.
All of 2022 will be great except for this month. The goal is… to try to survive it and not let anyone frustrate or provoke you for any reason.
This feud will not go as you expected and will certainly not end in your favor.

Sagittarius: April

You can thank this time for your ruler Jupiter and the start of its retrograde.
It would be foolish of you not to expect at least one month in 2022 to be crap. Although your private life suffers, it won’t be as bad as your day-to-day life.
That being said, you shouldn’t be so concerned about your love life. It will remain more or less as it was until now.
Problems will appear in the financial sphere of your life. Be careful where you put your money this month and how much you spend it.

Capricorn: March

Although this is your year, March will certainly not be your month.
Well, never expect only luck to appear in your life’s path. There always has to be a little evil. Again, the main culprit for this is Mercury Retrograde.
The biggest problems will appear in your communication skills.
Somehow you won’t be able to explain to people what you think and what you want, and that’s something you’ve always known exactly how to do.

Aquarius: July

July is the saddest month this year for many zodiac signs, and you are one of them.
Unlike some other signs, your problems will be strictly love-related. Your relationship, if you are one, will face serious problems.
Try to avoid this by looking at yourself first and wondering if you are the source of the problems in your relationship.
Be perfectly honest with yourself and, above all, be clear about your feelings.

Pisces: March

For you, the presence of Jupiter will have negative consequences on your life as on certain other signs of the zodiac.
In addition, your problems will not be relationship-related as much as financial.
Don’t be in a rush to make financial decisions.
Take this warning seriously because the time will apparently be perfect for making these kinds of decisions when, in fact, it really isn’t.
This will only bring bigger and more serious problems. So, be patient and wait for the best time of the year which is near the end of the year.


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