A lunar eclipse marks the end of a chapter in your life. And the solar eclipse in Aquarius, which is coming on February 15, promises changes and a new beginning – the first steps on the path to success. And here are some lucky signs of the zodiac this month: Libra: better at home – no place

As a reward for your enduring hardships at the end of January, the stars reward you with serenity and relaxation. After the lunar eclipse on January 31, you will finally say goodbye to the unpleasant elements that poison your life and find freedom.

However, with Venus entering your 4th house of home and family on February 4th, you will feel very comfortable in your home space that you won’t even want to go out. You get along well with loved ones, sleep more soundly and just relax in mind and body. Take advantage of this quiet time and dissolve in it. Instead of going out somewhere, invite your friends over to you. Have a movie night or dinner party. Recover your energy. Read the novel. Pamper yourself with silk sheets. Your home attracts you with a magnet, so relax and have fun.

Capricorn: taking care of yourself is your priority

Lately, all your attention has been focused on your career. And have succeeded, but beware of burnout. Your work will not suffer if you shift the focus to other areas of your own life. In fact, your career will benefit from it.

You will become more aware of your unconscious. Venus is moving into your 10th public image house. This will allow you to feel in harmony with your body and soul, while taking the time to take care of yourself. If you want to feel great – go to the gym! Do yoga, eat well – your body will thank you for it. Spend a day at the spa and get rid of the negativity that has accumulated over that time. In February, treat yourself like a princess.

Pisces: a new world awaits you

The solar eclipse on February 15th will visit your 12th house of spirituality, which will lead to the fact that many of your outdated ideas about the world will disappear. At first, you will feel as if the earth is leaving from under your feet, but trust the stars, they do not predict bad things. You will be amazed at how quickly you gain new knowledge and beliefs.

You will see your world in a brighter light. You may have a maturing understanding of what you really want to do with your life. All this will excite you, Pisces.

Make sure you meditate, walk in nature, or read to immerse yourself. Follow your gut this month, Pisces, and don’t look back.


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