Capricorns don’t want to disappoint anyone, so they will continue to accept doing things even when their schedule is full. One of the problems with overwork is that your to-do list never goes down. You keep adding things until a team of people take it all. Capricorn must be a priority.


Gemini generally does not have enough time to check for errors or be on time. They are simply trying to make everyone happy, but the result is that they may have problems with deadlines. Gemini’s intentions are good, but when they have too much to do, it can be overwhelming.


Libra hates having to say no to someone, so they will agree to do something for which they may not have the time. Instead of being direct and having a possible conflict, Libra will try to settle things by itself. They are constantly recovering, hoping that one day they will have achieved everything on their list.


Aries are extremely skilled in multitasking and hate having nothing to do, so they are overworked and never bored. Unfortunately, when he has too much to do, he may miss the chance to take care of himself. He may forget to eat, be convinced that he does not need to sleep, and not be able to recognize when he needs a break. However, Aries does not give up and if you commit to doing something, he will.


Pisces are here to help you! If someone asks them to do something, they will not think about it: they will say yes. They tend to underestimate their time because they are selfless and put the needs of others before their own. However, it cannot help others if it means sacrificing oneself. Pisces would find a balance in doing things for others and for themselves. Their time, energy and creativity are precious.


While Aquarians may say no, they are not doing what they should because they like to show others how good they are, and that is a lot! But if they have so many things they have agreed to do, sometimes their attention turns away from the important things. Aquarians are only human and when their attention is divided, sometimes the quality is affected. It would seem that the longer Aquarius takes, the less it will be done.


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