He’ll Want You To Recover


He will want you back when he realizes what he lost .

He will wake up one day and realize that you miss him. He will remember all those wonderful memories you shared.

Your smile, your warmth, and the smell of coffee you made in the morning will be missed.

The woman he took for granted will be missed. The one who folded in two to make him happy. The one who made his happiness pass before his.

The one whose main fault was that she was too fond of him and that she loved him selflessly.

He will realize that he had everything in you, a lover and a best friend, and he lost it during the game.

That’s when he wants to crawl to you, but by then you’ll realize how badly he treated you, how much bullshit you had to accept, how much you suffered once this is over, and you will not want to suffer it again.

He will want you back when he sees that you are unique .

He will feel your absence when he sees that this world is full of women but that none is like you.

None of them have your patience. No one understands it as you do and no one even tries to understand it.

He will tell a joke and he will be disappointed because he did not have the reaction he would have had of you. He will not have anyone who will notice the things he does not say.

Other women will not have the same gleam in their eyes when they look at him.

They will not have your incredible personality. They will not be able to make him as happy as you.

What he had with you – this link – is something that is not built easily and he is just starting to realize it.

He will want you to come back. He will do everything he can to make it happen because he will realize how much he has screwed up.

Unfortunately for him, it will not matter, there is nothing that can compensate for betrayal. There is nothing that can restore the confidence you had in him.

He’ll want you back when you finally get the page .

You will move on, there is no doubt about it. No matter how impossible this notion now seems, there will come a day when the pain will stop.

It will not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up, nor the last thought before you fall asleep.

One day – maybe even today, maybe this day has already happened – you will realize that you are stronger than him, and you will be on the road to healing.

You will rebuild your life from scratch. You will find new reasons to smile. You will be proud of yourself.

That’s when he will reach out to you after all this time.

This is where he will send you a text message, probably something stupid like ” Hi ” just to start the conversation.

And you will not even want to answer because there is no text message that can catch up with all the days you spent waiting for a message from him, all those sleepless nights you tried to give a meaning to everything; all those tears, this pain, this disappointment.

He will want you back once you are with someone else .

For the bad man, a woman is the most beautiful and the most radiant when she is happy in the arms of another.

He will be jealous, he will be angry with himself because he will see everything he did not see while your heart belonged to him.

He will use all the tricks he has in his sleeves to try to recover you.

But you know his tricks too well and you’re fed up with them. They do not work on you anymore.

He will want you to come back, but he will not be able to fulfill his wish. It will be too late ; you will be happier than ever without him.

You will be with someone who sees your value, who is as invested as you and who will not take you for granted.

You will be loved by someone with disinterestedness and wholeheartedly, and this is something he has never been able to do.

He will want to recover you as soon as you do not want him .

Once a woman becomes indifferent, content with herself, or happy with someone else, there is no turning back; you just go ahead, and that does not include it.

He will want you to come back, but the thing is, you will not want him.

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