Head vs. Heart: What The Signs Choose

Head vs. Heart

Head vs. Heart: What The Signs Choose

We all have a part that stands out in us: either we are very headstrong and think about everything many times, or we are pure hearts. Although extremes are not good, there are aspects of our way of being that we cannot avoid. However, everything can be improved, right? We tell you what stands out most in you and what we think you would need to do to balance these facets. Head vs. heart? What do the signs choose?


Without a doubt, Aries, what stands out in you is your heart: passionate to the core! In fact, it is very difficult for you to think with your head when you are infatuated with something or someone. You let go without reflecting often and you know well that this leads you to experience somewhat complicated situations. Therefore, you should let reason appear from time to time and use the objectivity that you sometimes demonstrate a little more. 


As a good Taurus that you are, you know well that reason is what stands out the most in you. And it’s super good. But you are one of those who go to extremes and this is when, perhaps, you should let yourself go a little more. You are pure reason, objectivity, and responsibility. It’s great for achieving your achievements! But remember to live a little longer!


Yours is ideal! You have great balance thanks to your duality, which saves you many problems in life. You go about your business, but you never neglect anything or anyone. When your passionate streak comes out, however, you can get into trouble. But, we know you can’t do anything with it. So, try to maintain this balance that gets you out of so many troubles!


Yours is to be rational, calculating, and, above all, not stop thinking about things. We rarely see this passionate streak that you have. You don’t usually get carried away by emotions and you usually think very well before doing anything. Don’t hesitate and keep going: you can get what you want. But, remember that there are certain moments when you must let go. Dream big and you will see how you will live unique moments!


You’re a big pushover, you’ve already realized that, right? But, it is also true that you know how to “let go” with those closest to you. Your friends are delighted with this way of being yours and, best of all, you know how to find a middle ground. Reason and pure fire: an explosive combination!


If you doubt, you are heart! You are not worried about giving your all if you believe in it and, for this reason, there are always those who are dazzled by you. You shine a lot and this passion that you carry inside makes you a very loved person. However, it is also true that, on some occasions, you should be a little less romantic, less bold, and distrust a little more of the situation and people. You shouldn’t always have such high expectations. 


Neither one nor the other! There is no side that tips the balance to one extreme, Libra. Therefore, we can say that you are one of the few in whom a balance is seen in this aspect. However, it is important to highlight that, at certain times, reason weighs more and you usually need someone to give you that little push that you need to live life more. 


Head! Undoubtedly. Keep in mind that your way of being saves you a lot of problems, but as we always say, extremes are not good. You stand out for being too rational, somewhat cold, and distant. You can try to better combine both facets since you can also be sentimental. Neither so much nor so little.


You are pure heart and pure passion, and, sometimes, you get too carried away by your feelings. Isn’t it, Sagittarius? But, remember that this allows you to live life more fully and savor all the details. However, we know that it is also something that you should regulate. You always throw yourself into everything and logic isn’t usually your best ally, right? Don’t worry, everything is trained. Simply think carefully before making decisions and doing something important. 


Capricorn, although, on some occasions, you let your heart lead you, you usually go through life using your head more. Therefore, it is possible that you have missed out on good experiences, but you have been saved from many other, not-so-good ones. It’s true. However, there are times when you should let your instincts and passions take the reins. Don’t hesitate and let go a little more!


You use your head a lot and, the truth is, so far it has been going well for you, right, Aquarius? Well, it’s true. But remember that there are risks that must be taken… Not everything in life is rationality, logic, and individualism. Keep your space and offer the same to others, but jump into the pool from time to time. 


Pisces! Yours is pure instinct. You tend to let yourself be guided more by your heart than by your head. But, the truth is that you also know when you should be a little more cold and rational, right? We know. Therefore, we are sure that continuing to use this balance in your way of being will help you achieve everything in life. Be pure passion, but regulate yourself in some aspects!

Head or heart? Surely you have seen that, as we have told you, there is a part that dominates you. It’s your way of being. Be happy about it! You are different from the rest and this is precisely what makes the difference. Just make sure you find the perfect time for everything.

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