He will miss you when he realizes that you do not need him anymore

He will miss you if he sees you and you do not even want to invite him to talk.

And if he wonders who the guy he saw you with is. The one who always appears on your Instagram.

You have not told him that you are already with someone because you do not believe that you owe that explanation to him.

He’ll miss you if you do not answer right away, and he’ll wonder why. But he knows you probably will not sleep alone in bed anymore.

You can not explain the relationship to this new guy because people who are just friends do not send messages to each other at one o’clock in the morning. So ignore the message until morning and maybe even forget to answer.

“I’m sorry I did not answer …” You do not write anything anymore and do not explain much. And he says it’s okay, because he’s just glad to hear from you.

In the past, you replied within seconds and you were always the one with the phone in your hand. Now it’s his turn.

He’ll miss you if you’re planning to meet, but something came up and you’re the one who’s cancelling as he’s done so many times before. Only that he is the one who is hurt now.

He’ll miss you if he’s not the one you call drunk just to talk. Because he is no longer the one you think of.

He will miss you if he looks at too many beers on his phone and your name is the one with whom he stays in his contact list.

He will miss you when he sees something that reminds him of you, except that he has to think before marking you with something.

He will miss you when you are no longer his first point of contact because you are busy not stare at your phone and wait for it as you did before. And no matter how many calls he gets, he wants your name to appear on his phone.

He will miss you if he sends you a message, you open it, but do not answer. While he’s sitting in the car and running the song you made him hear.

He will miss you when something special happens and he realizes that you are the first one he wants to tell.

Or when something really terrible happens and he realizes that you were the only person who understood it, even if it was something that nobody could understand.

He will miss you when he is no longer the one you turn to with your problems that he used to complain about over and over again.

The desire for you was simply affectionate and needy and sometimes too strong.

What he will realize is that all that was – was worry. Maybe you have become too strong. Maybe you were always there when he needed you. Maybe you made it too obvious how you feel. But you were too worried about him.

He will miss you if you do not write “good morning” every day as you are used to because you wake up next to someone who has shown that he cares about you without using his phone or mixed signals to send.

He will miss you if you stop trying so hard to impress him and he will look you across the room and realize that you are more amazing than he thought.

And he will hate himself for recognizing it so late.

Because even he knows that you deserve better.

He was the one who made you feel like you would never be. As if your presence was not appreciated or appreciated, but rather a problem. He will hate himself for letting you feel that way.
And as he moves on, he’ll most miss you if he’s looking for you in other women and realizes they’re not far enough.

He will miss you as soon as he realizes that you never needed him, but you still chose him. He should have seen how valuable it was.
And if he realizes that, he will show up at your doorstep at an unfavourable time, because he will not stand it anymore. And he will say everything you said earlier. And it will be your decision – you will have to decide where you want to go from there.


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