According to psychologists: These 5 mind games he plays with you before the breakup and how you can best deal with them

It happened: your boyfriend broke up with you and you feel terrible. The subsequent lovesickness and the feeling of all alone having probably been through every woman at some point.

Now imagine if you could know what’s going to happen before he even had a chance to break up! If you were a step ahead of him, there would be no heartache. You could expose his mind games long before the breakup.

Because let’s be completely honest: he’ll try to blame you for the failure of your relationship anyway.

And so it is for many women: the man twists his arguments in such a way that in the end, it seems as if she has been the dragon all along. He makes her believe that she has been the problem the whole time and that he has to break up now because he can no longer stand the relationship.

During the breakup, most women are so hurt that they just accept it. Only then do they think about it and realize that they have actually been shamelessly exploited. Love for her ex has blinded her to everything that went wrong in the relationship.

Also, for many women, it is difficult to admit that something is wrong in their life. They close themselves to the truth and just hope that everything will be fine. Free yourself from it now and look at your life and your relationship subjectively – without being blinded by your love.

Men who like to play games with women also know how to most easily and most injure the respective woman. Here are the top 5 psychological tricks men use when trying to get out of a relationship.


The most obvious explanation for flirting with other women is that he wants to make you jealous. He’s so trying to get your attention and that’s not okay. However, it can also be that this means that your relationship is about to end. If he doesn’t care that you see him flirt with another woman, it is often a sign that he wants to break up with you.

And worst of all, if you speak to him about it, you won’t get an honest answer. He’ll blame everything on you: you don’t show enough interest and he doesn’t feel loved by you. This is how you become the culprit in this situation. If he then separates from you, you will feel bad and take all the blame: if only you had shown him your love more.

2. He blames you for everything

He will do everything to convince you that you are the bad guy. Imagine you come home from a stressful day and you are actually in a bad mood. However, you don’t show this to your partner because you don’t want to take it out on them. In this situation, he will do whatever it takes to make you lose control and then end up blaming you for going down the drain in your relationship for treating him badly.

He will destroy your self-esteem and point out your bad behavior whenever possible. He keeps doing this until he breaks up with you on the grounds that he can’t go on like this anymore because you are a terrible person. Or until you can’t take it anymore and break up yourself. The latter is usually the better option for you. Break off contact with him and don’t care that he ultimately won because you ended the relationship. He’s not worth your nerve!

3. He’s always lying

It is very likely that he will start an affair. This is his way of showing you that the breakup is approaching. However, he will never admit that. He’ll lie to you from back to front, make things up, and deny your guesses. He wants to portray you as the madwoman who makes his life difficult. At this point, you should just end the relationship without any explanation. There’s no point in getting him to tell you the truth. Don’t show him you’re hurt because he lied to you like that. It’s not worth it.

4. The gaslighting method

This is one of the meanest, most manipulative psychological tricks out there. And this is how it works: it will create situations over and over again that make you wonder if you have completely lost your mind. He will first say one thing and then do something completely different. He will then claim that you just imagined it. You can uncover this terrible game with your psyche by writing down everything that happens. You should especially note down your interactions and his statements. This way you can be sure that he is only trying to portray you as crazy in order to end the relationship.

5. He provokes

He will put you in a situation that provokes you so much that you will eventually freak out. He probably knows you pretty well, so it will be easy for him to invite you. And when he’s done that, he’ll stage himself as the victim. You are then the terrible, irascible friend he just can’t stand it anymore, poor man. Don’t waste any more thought on him, because you don’t deserve such a cowardly manipulator! 

Now you know the top 5 signs that your man is just a cowardly poor who tries to get rid of you with all the lousy tricks. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it! You really deserve better! 


He plays these 5 mind games with you before the breakup and how you can best deal with them

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