He does not want love. He does not want you. He does not want to give you any presents just because it’s a Tuesday and he does not want to see you smile. He does not want to share his bed with you every night. He does not just want to kiss your lips or wrap his arms around you.

No, he does not want to love you. He does not even want to spend time with you except for occasional sex. No, he does not want any love at all. He is only lonely. And he wants instant gratification.

He wants to feel good. He wants to keep control. He wants something, but that does not love. He wants a warm body. A reassuring face. The assurance that he can still get what he wants if he wants it.

Is he calling you or sending you a message in the evening to make sure you’ve come home safely? No, he waits until 3 in the morning and has already drunk too much alcohol.

Does he call you after work or write you a message, hoping that you had a wonderful day and that he wants to see you as soon as possible? No, he probably will not even bother.

He does not love you. He does not like you. He does not even care about you.

He’s just tired of being alone all night. He wants to drink with someone else. He wants to feel that he is everything that one could wish for. And he will make you feel special. For a night. And then he’ll drop you off and set off without even looking back.

Do not give in to the temptation. Do not be satisfied with his heart-shaped smilies. Do not give in with his lies and his attempts to seduce you. Do not give in to his facade.

You know better. I know that you do that. You know what you are worth. You know that you do not deserve to be treated that way. You know that you do not deserve to be somebody’s one-night stand and that you deserve to be special.

So do not trust him when he says he’s changed. Do not believe him when he says he is different. Do not trust him when he says he really wants love. 

You are a lightning-quick satisfaction for him. You are a toy for him. You are not a future wife or lover for him. You are not worth anything to him. He only knows that you are lonely, too. And he knows how to approach you best.

That’s why you should not let it happen. Do not say yes. Do not answer his calls. Do not answer the phone. Let him rot in his loneliness. Let him stew in his drunkenness. Let him drown in his own lies.

You can not go this way any further. Because you are by far the greatest thing he will never get. And you’re by far the most wonderful and beautiful heart he’ll never decipher.

And that’s up to him.

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