God Will Not Give You Your Person Until You Are Ready To Meet Him


Sometimes in life, we think we know everything. We think we know when and where and where things should happen to us. But life does not work that way.

Even if you would like it to be so (like me), you are not in control of your destiny.

God is. And sometimes, the only thing we can do is let things go as they are supposed to and pray for everything to work out.

I remember meeting this perfect guy a few years ago.

It was a weird moment for me, I was still struggling with some things, but I remember very well when I met him and where I felt this instantaneous vibration.

You know, the one that turns your head and makes you shudder?

Yes, this one. And this guy was really something special.

He knew exactly what to say and how to treat me, I felt it was what I needed, no doubt.

Even though I was going through a bad period at the time (a slight addiction to alcohol and a life situation far from ideal), I decided that I was ready for life.

I had the impression of having met the man with whom I had to spend my life, despite the obvious red flags (which came mostly from my side).

You see, I was not able to live a stable and healthy love story.

I was not equipped to deal with this love that makes you turn and makes you want to commit to life.

I was messy. I was in such a situation that even the idea of ​​taking care of a relationship made me dizzy, but I was wrong in thinking that I was ready to do it.

I went against myself and ignored all his pleas for help.

I just thought I was the best person to know it. In my head, I was fine. 

Who does not drink from time to time? And what is wrong with not having permanent housing?

Is not that supposed to be so when you’re young?

But that was not the case, and it took me a few years to accept it. I thought I knew what I was doing.

I thought I could press a switch inside me to fix everything … but I could not.

Needless to say, my relationship collapsed even before I had the chance to flourish.

We had no chance. I should have realized it earlier.

I have to say it was hard to swallow, but it had to happen to get that perspective that was so necessary.

Now I know that God is the only one who knows what I need.

And He will not show it to me until I’m ready. And it does not matter.

Because in all honesty, what do we really know about life and love?

We learn as we go.

We make mistakes, and it is only after learning from these errors that God will give us the person who is destined for us.

I know it may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the truth.

I stopped believing that I know everything. I stopped believing that I know what is best.

I do not know, and it’s so good to be able to say that.

Everything is in the hands of God. And believe me, he knows what he’s doing.

Sometimes you will feel like you’re lost.

And in those times, you will have to keep faith that this is the path you must follow in order to commit your mistake and draw a valuable lesson from it.

Once you stop seeing your mistakes as something bad and start treating them as learning experiences, things will begin to improve for you.

They became it for me.

God is always there for you. You can not always see and hear it, but He is there, and He hears you.

And you know what ? Just because it may seem like your life is a constant storm of crappy things, that does not mean it does not have something beautiful planned for you!

Let my experience inspire you to keep your head high and your faith in God intact.

A few years ago, I was in a bad state. I did not have a place to live.

I could not keep a single friend who would save my life, and I drowned my misery in alcohol.

And you know where I am now?

I am in the best state of mind I have ever had.

I let God take control, and things slowly started to improve.

Once I realized that I could not control what would happen to me and that forcing things would only turn against me, I gained that beautiful perspective that changed my life.

Now, I am a woman in love.

And it’s peaceful, reassuring and just at all levels.

And you want to know why? Because I took care of myself first.

I set my priorities. And one day the pieces of the puzzle started to come together, and my life finally became something I was proud of.

God gave me the man with whom I only had to be when I was really ready to meet him.

And not a second sooner.

A few years ago, it would not have worked.

But today is the best thing that has happened to me, and I can proudly and generously give everything.

Learn to let go. Trust God and His plan.

It is not because you are having trouble today that tomorrow will not improve!

He will make sure of it, and I am living proof of it!

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