The perfume sticks to our skin. It is not only a delicious scent, it also represents our personality. And often, when we find the right, we do not leave it. But to find the one that really suits us, it’s not always easy. And if the stars could help you? Discover your ideal perfume according to your astrological sign …

1. The Aries:

Dynamic and playful, Aries needs a scent of character. Like its full-bodied, powerful and energetic temperament, its fragrance never goes unnoticed. His ideal perfumes? Woody, spicy or amber essences. One thing is certain, Aries wears an intense perfume or does not wear it!

2. The Bull:

Very close to nature and in good sign of land, Taurus likes perfumes that are found in the wild. But above all, he needs a delicately sober and greedy perfume that he can put every day. Mint notes or lemon, jasmine flagrances and country flowers are all perfumes that correspond to Taurus.

3. The Gemini:

The fragrance of a Gemini must be as sparkling as it is on a daily basis. The spring perfumes are perfect, even in winter. It must be said, its only presence radiates the surroundings. Caramel, cinnamon, orange blossom and white flowers fragrances are favoured for Gemini.

4. Cancer:

Romantic and child-oriented, Cancer is attracted by very sweet perfumes. If it is not, it is because it represents a symbolic memory. Be that as it may, Cancer is the type to put a few scents of perfume on its handles or pillows. His favourite perfumes? With flavours of candy, patchouli, red fruits …

5. The Lion:

When he puts on perfume, the Lion does not do things by half. Like an ornament, he wants his perfume to be noticed and do not hesitate to put more than necessary! Full-bodied flavours, oriental spices, woody and tenacious essences … Here are some perfumes that will please the Lion!

6. The Virgin:

Of a discreet and reserved nature, the Virgin conceives the perfume unlike the Lion: she does not want to be noticed. At least, she prefers sweet and refined perfumes. What he needs? Essences of bergamot, muscat, citrus, lavender …

7. Libra:

Queen of beauty, Libra loves sensual, chic and balanced perfumes. For her, the perfume is an accessory of which it does not happen very rarely. The great classics seduce the Libra but it usually has a weakness for saffron, iris, cotton, cherry blossom …

8. The Scorpion:

The most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, Scorpion generally chooses a perfume with flavours as atypical as it is intense. It will find its happiness with intense perfumes made from tuberose essences, aquatic flowers, woody spices. And why not a spicy perfume made from Espelette pepper?

9. Sagittarius:

The scent of a native of Sagittarius smells of warm sand, sun and exotic flowers. One thing is certain, he invites to escape. Fragrances with the scent of monoi, vanilla, coconut or frangipani flowers are sure values ​​for a Sagittarius!

10. Capricorn:

One word of order for Capricorn: discretion. Of course, its scent should not be too present. It needs rather sweet, sober and discreet flavours. In any case, Capricorn will always choose a fragrance with timeless notes such as rosehip, peony, eucalyptus, spruce or blue thistle.

11. The Aquarius:

It is well known, Aquarius loves novelty. For the most original astrological sign, perfumes accumulate but are not alike. It must be said, Aquarius likes to change its perfume according to its moods. And he is able to put an imitation sorbet perfume like a liquorice or basil perfume … With him, you never know what to expect!

12. The fish:

Renowned for its romanticism and sensitivity, the Fish loves round and sweet fragrances. Those that make her dress and neck bloom. But above all, those who invite him to daydream. For no other sign is more dreamy than the Fish. Lotus flowers, roses, love apple … That’s enough to satisfy her!

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