In all horror movies, we find the same character traits through the characters. There are the bravest, able to sacrifice themselves to save others. There are those who analyze and imagine a strategy to get by. And there are those who, whatever they do, end up victims of the situation. And you, what would be your role in a horror movie? Discover it thanks to your astrological sign! To take the second degree, of course …


1. Aries:

Because he is not cold-blooded, Aries would have a decisive role if he were to play in a horror movie. Courageous, valiant and sometimes reckless, he would be the man of the situation, the one who would save a maximum of innocents. One thing is certain, it is not he who would cry for help. On the contrary, he would be the hero!

2. Bull:

In a horror movie, Taurus is present until the end of the thriller … or almost! Indeed, he would be the type to stand apart to get by. His intelligence would allow him to make his way far from the “bad guy”. But unfortunately, he would be caught quickly. The moral of the story: it is better sometimes to privilege the teamwork to hope to get out!

3. Gemini:

With a Gemini, the least horror scene becomes an enigma. Thanks to his incredible curiosity, he is closely interested in his enemy to better understand it. And it goes or it breaks … Either his imprudence leads him directly into the mouth of the wolf, or it allows him to escape safely. A double-edged story …

4. Cancer:

Cancer has understood, if he wants to survive, he has no choice to surround himself. Because he knows, he would not have the stature to overcome his anxieties. Among the survivors, he will be the one who will protect the weakest. It may seem surprising but despite his fears, he will take his role very seriously. One thing is certain, we will not be able to count on him to face THE monster in question.

5. Lion:

If it is not from the start, the Lion may be part of the “bad guys” at the end of the film. Able to manipulate anyone and endowed with great intelligence, he is capable of a reversal of extraordinary situation. And he would be happy to torture his victims psychologically. But is he crooked enough to go further? Here is all the question!

6. Virgo:

In a horror movie, among all types of victims, there is always a naive character. Whoever gets lost in the forest in the middle of the night or finds himself stuck in an empty motel at the edge of the highway. Well, this is typically the role that the Virgin would endorse. And there is always an innocent toast for others at the beginning of the film …

7. Balance:

Too resourceful to be had, Libra always ends among the survivors! And for good reason, she always has the solution to all the problems. Moreover, thanks to her many tricks, she is the first to solve puzzles. If you want to survive, she must listen and follow …

8. Scorpion:

Sign of all aggression, Scorpio is not afraid to confront the enemy. But his priority is the protection of his relatives and the innocent. And to carry out his mission, he is ready to take all the risks, even to sacrifice himself. No doubt, he plays a central role!

9. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius sees life too lightly to have a serious role in a horror movie. He would rather be the happy guy who relaxes everyone. The one who leaves a valve very heavy while he is two fingers to die. In fact, it would be especially the perfect character for a situation comedy.

10. Capricorn:

Discreet and reserved, Capricorn is hard to pin down. In a horror movie, you do not know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. And all along, we have doubts about it. Finally, we do not know what happened to her and we end up forgetting her. In a few words, it’s more of a figure than a central character!

11. Aquarius:

Normally, Aquarius is a lone wolf. In a horror film, he lives his life independently. But when he crosses the road of people in distress, he is the first to help them. The problem? His goodness ends up losing him and he ends up among the list of victims …

12. Fish:

Despite appearances, the Fish has more than one trick in its bag. Silently and discreetly, he seeks an ingenious solution to escape the serial killer or the zombie of history. It is thanks to his incredible intuition that he always manages to get a head start. One thing is for sure, he has a sixth sense and always ends up getting by!


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