Losing a sports competition? Bored to death? To go unnoticed by others? Being betrayed by a loved one? Injustice in the world? What are the topics that saddest you most every day? We tell you more thanks to your astrological sign. So, will you recognize yourself …

1. The Aries:

When he is not up to his expectations, Aries tends to mop up. Whether it is his physical or intellectual abilities, he hates losing control. And when it comes to a competition, he sees his weaknesses as a failure and therefore sees things as a humiliation!

2. The Taurus:

Of a possessive nature and a materialistic strand, Taurus can not stand to take away what belongs to him. If he feels neglected by a loved one, he ruminates, laments his fate and becomes paranoic to the point of being overwhelmed by his feelings and make him a fit of jealousy!

3. Gemini:

A bored Gemini is an unhappy Gemini. Indeed, it is an astrological sign that flees the routine by practising a maximum of activities. The problem? He gets tired very quickly! So when he is in transition and does not know what to do, his mind takes a hit!

4. Cancer:

If there is an astrological sign depending on his family and especially his family, it’s Cancer! Of course, if one of them had to go away or disappear, Cancer would be totally destroyed. In other words, it is the loneliness that scares the most this sensible sign!

5. The Leo:

When a Lion gives all he has to accomplish his missions, he expects a minimum of recognition from others. So when his entourage is indifferent to him, he feels totally helpless. To believe that the image he refers to other conditions his state of mind …

6. The Virgo:

With her perfectionist and ultra-organized temperament, the Virgin is very demanding of herself. It is an astrological sign that gives the impression of having confidence but which in reality, does not have any at all! And since it tends to depreciate constantly, it does not help much to restore morale …

7. The Libra:

Renowned for her pacifism and sense of justice, Libra hates injustice. And often, these are subjects of inequality that sadden him the most. In general, she is obsessed with peace and flees all forms of conflict. So for a Libra to be happy, it needs a balanced environment!

8. The Scorpion:

Scorpio is an astrological sign borrowed from mystery. But it’s an entire and passionate sign. So, when he is disappointed, his reactions are up to his character: excessive! Remember one thing, there is nothing worse than lies and betrayals to make a Scorpion suffer …

9. Sagittarius:

It’s no secret that Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the Zodiac. And, it takes a lot to make him lose his radiant smile! Unless it is precisely the pessimistic individuals who afflict it …

10. Capricorn:

As a sign of ambition, Capricorn is a hard worker. His biggest fear? Not being up to the job and disappointing his superiors (in the course of the work) or his relatives (as part of a personal project). Perhaps he would be more fulfilled if he learned to let go of ballast …

11. The Aquarius:

To lose one’s freedom: that is the thing that makes any native of Aquarius sad! It must be said, its independence is its oxygen, its source of inspiration and its balance. So when he feels trapped or too restrained, Aquarius sees life in black …

12. The Pisces:

Hypersensitive and emotional, the fish needs a lot of love in its surroundings to feel fulfilled. It is a fragile sign whose emotional dependence can have repercussions. Indeed, the fish quickly feels abandoned and then locks itself in a negative spiral …

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