Have you ever wondered what was your dark side? Whether possessiveness, neuroses, self-destruction or subversion, in each astrological sign hides an evil being. Discover, without delay, the facet of your personality that makes you totally scary …

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1. Aries: his anger

Impulsive sign par excellence, Aries is very easily carried away. And when that’s it, it’s better not to be around. Indeed, when he is angry, Aries lacks tact and does not hesitate to use a sarcastic and hurtful tone … Which makes it totally scary!

2. Taurus: his possessiveness

When in love, Taurus is very protective. The problem? He believes that his half belongs to him and can easily become possessive. So much so that he is able to search his partner’s business and hunt him down … You’ll understand, he is the champion of excessive jealousy!

3. Gemini: his double personality

Double sign, Gemini can scare by its contradictory temperament. One day, he is ultra open and sociable and another, he is closed on himself. In the same way, it is said of him, that he is whole. Yet, he happens to lie … It’s simple, we do not know how to define it!

4. Cancer: its anxieties

Cancer is anguished by life. A criticism or a piece of bad news, and here he is lying about himself. In fact, he hates losing control and when that happens, he grinds only black. And it is this facet of his personality that makes him scary!

5. Lion: his vanity

To please others, the Lion is ready for all sacrifices. Whether it is cosmetic surgery or the purchase of luxury items, he is capable of anything to be noticed. It even happens that it crushes the others to be the first and it is really unbearable!

6. Virgin: her neuroses

Renowned for being the most manic astrological sign, the Virgin hates disorder. And we do not just talk about cleaning! Indeed, it’s a control maniac. And if something is out of place or not going the way she wants, she becomes neurotic and terrifying!

7. Balance: his indecision

Do you know the expression “change your mind as a shirt?” Well, we can say that it was invented for this astrological sign. The worst part of all this? Libra is hesitant for anything and everything and what! And it is a nightmare for those around him!

8. Scorpion: its destructive tendency

Scorpio is known for its aggressiveness. But what makes it even more scary is its tendency to self-destruction. When he is bored, he is able to create stories just to make his daily life more hectic. For all these reasons, Scorpio is the most demonic Astro sign. Just that!

9. Sagittarius: his insensitivity

By claiming its independence, Sagittarius gives the impression of being detached from the world. Since he gets tired quickly, he is able to forget his friends overnight. And sometimes, everything suggests that his heart is made of stone …

10. Capricorn: its coldness

With a rigid and relatively conservative temperament, Capricorn often has the image of a tyrannical individual. It must be said, it is an ambitious who does not hesitate to walk on his opponents to achieve his ends. And this coldness makes him truly formidable!

11. Aquarius: its subversion

Eccentric sign par excellence, Aquarius makes a point of honour to live his life in an unconventional way. So much so that his tendency to subversion makes him forget who he is. Wanting to live your life is one thing but being rebellious for no reason is another …

12. Fish: its whimsical side

Consciously or not, the Fish cultivates a love for melodrama. Indeed, it is a skinned alive who takes life with nonchalance. And he often goes from laughter to tears. It is this whimsical side that sometimes makes it scary!


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