Whether you are early or late-night. Whether you like to sleep or you hate it, your lifestyle influences the number of hours you sleep. And we are not all equal on the subject! How many hours of sleep do you need? Discover it thanks to your astrological sign!

1. Aries:

Action sign par excellence, Aries overflows with energy. It’s simple, he’s tireless! Its physical condition and its shape allow it to get out of bed very easily. On the other hand, he needs a minimum of sleep (about 6 hours) to recharge his batteries.

2. Taurus:

Heavy sleeper, Taurus needs a minimum of 9 hours a night. For him, sleeping is a necessity, a vital need. And if he does not sleep much, he will feel it during his day. Result? He will be in a bad mood … Nice!

3. Gemini:

Lying late and a bit sleepwalker, Gemini has a very restless sleep! He is the type to wake up several times in the night to do some stuff before going back to bed. His sleep ideal would be 8 hours but it is rare that a Gemini sleeps so much …

4. Cancer:

Eight hours of sleep is what a Cancer needs at least to feel good every day. It must be said, it is a significant subject to anxiety! And what better than a cosy bed to curl up and seek some comfort?

5. Leo:

The Lion sees sleep as a privileged moment. A night of 6 to 7 hours can suit him perfectly. But if he feels tired, he can adapt too! It’s simple, he knows how to manage his nights. What makes him a balanced sleeper!

6. Virgo:

Ultra attentive to her well-being and relatively fragile, the Virgin has every interest in sleeping more than 8 hours per night! Indeed, sleep is restorative to him! Still, she must leave her anxieties out of the room …

7. Libra:

The sleep of Libra depends on his moods. In the best case – if she feels good – she can sleep little but deeply. But in the worst case – if the anguish is gnawing at her – she is able to wake up every hour. The ideal to find harmony: 6 hours of sleep!

8. Scorpion:

As for the rest, the sleep of Scorpio is excessive. With him, it’s all or nothing! Either he sleeps a lot or he does not sleep. In general, it is a night owl who prefers to live at night than during the day. Of course, it does not help the right balance …

9. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius sees sleep as a chore. For him, it’s literally a waste of time! Remember that this is one of the most revered signs of the Zodiac! His ideal number of hours for one night? Six o’clock!

10. Capricorn:

Sleep allows Capricorn to be more productive and active. And as for the rest, he sees the thing in a pragmatic way. A good night of 7 hours = a good day of work. And since he is ambitious, he does not laugh with that!

11. Aquarius:

With Aquarius, everything depends on his moods … And his activities! A rather party-like sign, he is capable of going on sleepless nights! But after this eventful event, he will sink to the bottom of his bed for days … In short, his sleep varies between 5 hours and 12 hours!

12. Pisces:

This is one of the favourite moments of the fish: bedtime. For him, it’s an opportunity to relax, but above all to dream! And often his overflowing imagination takes him on crazy night adventures! Be that as it may, he needs a minimum of 9 hours of sleep a night!

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